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Character Boulder Motivational Poster (733211)

Character Boulder Motivational Poster

Character Boulder Motivational Poster Frame & Mat
Price:  $199.99  $179.99
SKU: 733211

Quote: In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock. -Thomas Jefferson

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Price: $199.99  $179.99

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"Standing up for who you are, what you believe in always commands a high price. I could tell you stories indeed! Society tosses tidal waves of new ideas, expectations and judgments at us without warning… and often aims to wipe us out! Yet a foundation built on unabashed truth, self-respect, faith and strong beliefs can match with any force. This photo speaks volumes…it encourages you to trust that your own causes are worth the risk. You will reap the rewards of a clear, calm conscience and stranger heart as your triumphant stories ripple lifetimes of positive impact." ~KD

About Kimberlie Dykeman:
Everything Kimberlie Dykeman does serves to motivate, entertain, and educate folks to live fulfilling lives as active citizens with newfound perspective, dynamic purpose and unshakable optimism! Over the past dozen years, Kimberlie has transformed from a life coach and fitness specialist into a sought-after TV host, producer, international spokesperson, motivational speaker and published author. Her groundbreaking coaching system emerged her into a sought-after wellness and motivation expert and seeded the launch of her first book, PURE SOAPBOX. From that vision came SOAPBOX® Products with Purpose, a 21st century, multi-dimensional brand of communication and life-changing tools that connects with audiences through its relativity to the human condition, deep-rooted values, compassion, goodwill and collective hopes. Kimberlie has spoken to audiences nationwide and humbly contributed to numerous publications. As a personality and entertainment professional, she has hosted, interviewed, produced and written for hundreds of programs, live events and video series internationally. Whether on camera, at the podium, in print or in the studio, Kimberlie is blazing a bold path to converge entertainment & publishing platforms with personal development, education & philanthropy, seizing every opportunity to enlighten & uplift individuals. Kimberlie Dykeman is a woman on a mission…standing on her soapbox…an evangelist for optimism.

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