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Five Heads are Better than One

I don’t think one person alone would have come up with the solution. It was the give and take between individuals, the trying, the failing and the trying again that solved the riddle. Read More »

A Meaningful World

When one perceives a connectedness between all things, purpose lurks around every corner. Choices matter. Coincidences are few. Signs and symbols are saturated with meaning. Life’s curveballs become winding paths. Catastrophes emerge as stepping stones to fresh ways of thinking and new purposes. Read More »

The Power of Politeness

Politeness is more powerful than one might think. It cuts through our tough exterior walls like a knife through soft butter. It brings human kindness into the mix. A kind word really does turn away wrath. Read More »

Presidential Inspiration

The difference between history’s boldest accomplishments and its most staggering failures is often, simply, the diligent will to persevere. Read More »

Let the Sunshine In

With just one of these affirming people in a collaborative group, the team can go on to achieve more than it would otherwise because the sunny person acts as a listening ear for ideas, a buffer for impending fears and a catalyst for positive change. Read More »

The Benefits of Integrity

When you follow your own moral compass and do what you think is right, you achieve a sense of completeness. If you disobey your own value system, you become divided, unbalanced and uneasy. Read More »

Overcoming the Fear of Change

What I’m conveniently ignoring is the possibility of truly wonderful experience beyond my rather high expectations. If I don’t try something else, I’m robbing myself of potential ambrosia.
If we take the stance of embracing change, of welcoming it into our lives – it can become an exciting adventure. Read More »

The Impossible Made Possible

Did you ever imagine having your own tropical island? Who hasn’t? Seems like a pipe dream, right? Well, someone achieved the impossible in an unconventional way. Read More »

Motivational Posters – Why Now?

Positive motivational posters do have a place in business and in life. They offer hope, inspiration and encouragement when bitterness and chaos seem to be knocking on our collective door. Read More »

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