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Reaching the Summit Together

While I am not one to get all political and stuff, I wanted to highlight the “BEER SUMMIT” today. Now, no matter who you think … Read More »

Look Ma No Hands

No I am not being totally tacky when describing Jessica Cox who decided to overcome her fear of flying by earning her sport pilot certification … Read More »

Setting the Bar High…

Today marks the first of what I hope will be many features of motivational and inspirational moms. There are so many of you out there … Read More »

Gotta Keep It Rowling…

With the new Harry Potter film (Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince) out in theaters I thought this was a perfect time to highlight … Read More »

Another Day Another Armstrong

This week marks the anniversary of the first man to walk on the moon and the astonishing Apollo 11 mission. That historic moment inspired a … Read More »

Lance, Yes You Did It…

I can’t help but watch and re-watch this commercial from Nike and Lance Armstrong. [youtube=] It would be hard to find a person with a … Read More »