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Facebook & Twitter… BFFs

Great news for all Twitter and Facebook users. You can now post your status updates as tweets, making life a lot easier. I am really … Read More »

Lessons from Mark Cuban

While he might not have danced his way to victory on Dancing with The Stars, Mark Cuban has had many successful ventures in his career … Read More »

District 9

Ok, it may be stretch to find some major inspiration in the movie District 9 , but who the hell cares, it’s Monday morning, we … Read More »

Time Travel

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not your typical gal who likes to see chick flicks… I’m more of the Adam Sandler, Seth … Read More »

Where were you when…

Today we have witnessed one of those moments where you always remember where you were when you heard the news. One of those memorable moments … Read More »

The Ugly Truth…

Long before Gerard Butler was the king of chick flicks, he made all the men swoon when he portrayed King Leonidas in the epic movie … Read More »