Attitude – We are What We Think

“Nothing can stop the man with the right
mental attitude from achieving his goal.”
Thomas Jefferson

Attitude. It can’t be touched. It can’t be measured. It can’t be explained. It’s importance, though, can’t be denied.

For living proof, consider these statistics. Anthony Robles, a 2006 graduate of Mesa High School in Arizona:

• Claimed the High School National Wrestling Championship in 2006
• Won the Arizona state wrestling championship twice
• Finished his senior season with a perfect 53-0 record – his second consecutive undefeated season.
• Compiled a four-year high school record of 129 wins and 15 losses

His achievements would have been considered impressive by any standard. Making them even more significant, however, was the fact that Anthony Robles was born with just one leg.

More than simply persevering, Anthony excelled at the highest level of his sport despite his seemingly restrictive disability. His attitude explains his miraculous accomplishments. “You don’t have a disability unless you think you do.”

Through the immeasurable power of his positive mental approach, Anthony was able to fulfill and exceed his desire to participate in competitive sports just like his four siblings. Because he never saw himself differently, they never treated him differently. His attitude made all the difference.

“We are what we think.”

This quote from Buddha that serves as the headline to this story reinforces the transformative power of attitude. In the same way individuals can alter their lives through their attitudes and thoughts, organizations can achieve dramatic results through a consistently positive approach to business.

Take an attitude with your team!

While your executives and managers are instrumental in creating and maintaining a can-do atmosphere, it’s also important to surround staff at every level with encouraging ideas and positive messages in every workspace. Begin realizing the unquantifiable and substantial benefits of the power of attitude today. You can be what you think you are.

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Start New Employees Off on the Right Foot

They got the job…but what now? Joining a new company can be overwhelming. Papers to fill out, orientation, tours. It’s a lot to take in for anyone. And while they’re thinking that it’s their chance to make a positive first impression, it’s also your organization’s chance to set the tone for their new job. Take the time to help new hires navigate through their first couple of weeks and you’ll find employees reach full productivity faster and you’ll encounter less turnover later on.

Try some of these unique ideas to make everyone’s first day (or week, or month!) a positive one.

• Show Them You Mean Business

Don’t wait to give them their business cards. Have them printed and sent to their home before their first day — it builds excitement and establishes your commitment. It’s also great to have a nameplate or sign ready to welcome them on their first day.

• Make Orientation Fun

Every organization has an employee handbook. Whether it’s a crossword, a quiz or a scavenger hunt, create an interactive game to help new hires learn more about your company. Give out prizes (notepads, card holders, mugs) emblazoned with your company logo upon completion.

• Set The Tone

Don’t just lead them to an empty desk, have supplies and desk accessories waiting for them when they arrive. These items are also great opportunity to reinforce important corporate values. Functional welcome kits and desk accessories will add color and make every new hire feel welcome.

• Use The Buddy System

Give new hires a “buddy” from their department who can show them the ropes. The buddy can then introduce them around, take them to lunch and let them know the day-to-day ins and outs of your organization. This also allows your new employees to have someone close by to answer questions that may arise after orientation is over.

• Give Them A Cheat Sheet

Remember, your new hires may be new to the company, but they may also be new to the area as well. It’s always helpful to give them a list of restaurants, dry cleaners, malls and other retailers in the area.

• Have A Celebration

Make every new hire feel special by creating a celebratory atmosphere. Have everyone in the department stop by on the new employee’s first day and say “Hi!” Make them feel truly welcome.

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SuccessoriesTV: Making Work Fun!

Below are two Successories Videos discussing how fun at work increases motivation and productivity. Click here to read our featured article Fun at Work! P.L.A.Y

Successories has teamed up with Motivate America President, Kevin McCrudden (founder of National Motivation and Inspiration Day) who delivers pearls of motivational wisdom. Watch for his tip The Three G’s!

How to Make Work Fun?!


Successories Inaugural Spirit Games! Successories, the originators of motivational posters, wants to lead by example. So, Successories has made their motivational posters come to life in a series of team building activities that has everyone from CEOs to delivery men involved. Funniest Office Videos nominee: Watch Successories CMO Peter Feigenbaum take a spill on the obstacle course! 1:23


Fun at Work! P.L.A.Y.

Make time for PLAY

It’s a simple truth: Employees who have fun, feel appreciated, and enjoy their job are more productive at what they do. But a report released by The Conference Board shows that , “employees in the United States feel dissatisfied and disconnected from their employers at an alarmingly high rate.”

In fact, this survey of 5,000 workers revealed that:

• More than 40% of workers feel disconnected from their employers.

• Two out of every three workers do not identify with or feel motivated to drive their employer’s business goals and objectives.

• 25% of employees are just “showing up to collect a paycheck.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little creativity and a lot of enthusiasm, you can promote a positive work environment and help engage your employees. One of the best things you can do is add some PLAY into your workday.

Plan fun and unique events
Look for opportunities to laugh
Allow time every day to de-stress
You can make work fun!

It’s not difficult to make PLAY a part of every day. In fact, not only is National Fun-At-Work Day April 1st, but it is also the start of Laugh-At-Work Week—a perfect opportunity to introduce PLAY into your daily routine. Here are some fun ideas to get you started!

PLAYtime Idea #1

Meet your PLAYmates.
Start the week by selecting a theme, or allow your team to vote on a theme. Then, create a week of events around that theme. For instance, a Hawaiian theme can involve dressing up in floral shirts, handing out leis, having someone give hula lessons and having a lunchtime “luau”. Or, you can choose a golf theme in which everyone gets a company golf shirt, gets to play a round of miniature golf on a course set up in your offices, and have a nine-hole potluck lunch in which every office serves up a different dish. Get your team together a couple of weeks before to decide on a theme and plan the events.

PLAYtime Idea #2

Encourage creativity
We’ve all been in meetings that seem to just go on forever. The next time you’re looking for more participation and enthusiasm, bring a variety of toys into your meeting, place them on the table, and encourage your people to play with them during the meeting. You’ll find that using their hands to manipulate a mental block or a stress ball promotes creativity and creates a more relaxed atmosphere.

PLAYtime Idea #3

Give them the gold!
Great ideas can come from anyone. To encourage your staff to brainstorm and contribute to a positive work environment, establish a creativity award, such as a gold-plated creative coil, a mini snow globe or a brass medallion. Present them to people in a meeting, in the hallways—anywhere good ideas are being shared. You can even have your team collect them and turn them in for prizes!

PLAYtime Idea #4

Wake them up with a smile!
Have goodies waiting for your team when they come in to work. This can be a coffee cup filled with treats, balloons on every chair, a gift like Positive Putty, or a small award or certificate. Even better, surprise them by taping cards with prizes written on them or a lottery card to the underside of their keyboards. Call a meeting and tell them to look to see what they’ve won!

Work will always be, well, work. But it doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun. If you have a great idea to promote fun at work, let us know—we’d love to hear from you!

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Successories Sponsors Nicole Hage

Nicole Hage SuccessoriesSuccessories is proud to announce that we are sponsors of Nicole Hage as she enters her first LPGA Tour.

@NicoleHage: I just signed the contract w/ Successories! They will be on the front of my hat this year!” she tweeted earlier today after having signed a couple dozen golf balls and walk around Successories handing them out and introducing herself to everyone from shipping staff to CEOs.

Nicole said that qualifying for the Tour “is a feeling that I have never felt before, and want to feel again soon. ”  She will start her LPGA Tour season on March 25 at the Kia Classic in Carlsbad, California. Hage is so excited to get started this year.  She said that she still struggles with wedge play, but it pumped to get cracking.

Nicole Hage SuccessoriesSuccessories and Nicole Hage are a match made on golfing green heaven. Ever since she was young, Hage was raised around the Successories sentiments and has taken “Make It Happen” as her personal mantra. And now Nicole Hage will help us build out our golf inspired motivational posters series as we work with her to continue the motivation Successories has always supplied.

Nicole Hage tweets: “We are going to team up to come out w/ a few great products featuring me and some of my favorite inspirational sayings and quotes! I am so excited for this opportunity!!

Motivational Posters GolfMotivational Posters GolfMotivational Posters Golf

Nicole Hage Successories LPGA
Nicole Hage tees off the sixth hole during the first round of the Corona Championship April 10, 2008 at Tres Marias Club de Golf in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico. (April 10, 2008 - Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images South America)

Nicole Hage Profile:

Hometown - Coral Springs, Fla.
Birth Date – 8/4/1985
Birthplace – Miami, Fla.
College – Auburn University
Degree – Communication
Turned Professional – 2007
Joined FUTURES – 1/8/2008
Career Earnings – $20,369
Career Best Finish – 3rd


  • Competed in five U.S. Women’s Open Championships (2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008).
  • Member of the 2002 PING Junior Solheim Cup Team and Canon Cup East Team.
  • Competed in the 2003 U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship.
  • Recorded 21 top-10 finishes in collegiate competition while at Auburn University.
  • 2004 Duramed NGCA All-American Second Team selection.
  • Named the 2004 SEC Player of the Year.
  • Three-time Duramed NGCA All-American Honorable Mention selection (2005, 2006, 2007).
  • Current member of the LPGA Tour (2008-present).
Nicole Hage Successories LPGA
Nicole Hage reacts to a missed putt during the fourth round of the 2009 LPGA Qualifying Tournament at LPGA International on December 6, 2009 in Daytona Beach, Florida. (December 5, 2009 - Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images North America)


In 2008, carded a career-low 67 in the final round of the Navistar LPGA Classic Presented by MaxxForce; returned to the LPGA Final Qualifying Tournament, where she tied for 34th to earn Priority List Category 20

for the 2009 LPGA season. In 2007, turned professional in June; tied for 34th at the LPGA Final Qualifying Tournament to earn non-exempt status for the 2008 LPGA season.


Hage had a successful junior career on the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA). She earned Polo Junior All-American honors in 2002 and 2003 and was a member of the 2002 U.S. PING Junior Solheim Cup Team and the 2002 Canon Cup East Team. A four-time National Golf Coaches Association (NGCA) All-American at Auburn University, Hage was named the 2004 Southeastern Conference (SEC) Player of the Year and Freshman of the Year, and was a member of two SEC Championship teams (2005-06). She earned First-Team All-SEC honors in 2004 and 2007 and was a Second-Team selection in 2005-06.

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SuccessoriesTV – Culture Change

Successories has teamed up with Kevin L. McCrudden, the founder of National Inspiration and Motivation Day and President of Motivate America, to help businesses motivate their employees.

Today’s topic: How to Change the Corporate Culture

To motivate and inspire your team so that they are happy, loyal, and more productive watch Kevin McCrudden give you the low down and helpful tips such as the Three R’s.


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Build Your Corporate Culture

A Corporate Culture can just happen…or you can make it happen!

Companies, like people, have unique personalities that include: integrity (or a lack thereof), an individual way of doing things, and a particular way of responding to competition and to customers. In other words, companies have a culture. The crucial decision in any organization is whether the culture evolves on its own, or whether it is carefully developed to drive a company to great success.

Either way, once strongly established, as all cultures become over time, it directs the way things are done, and is one of the strongest drivers of success, failure, or just plain mediocrity in your organization.

The culture of a company will dictate how a company commits its assets, how it responds to challenges and opportunities, what kind of people are hired, what kind are promoted, what kind are fired and so much more.

The culture of a company is the most powerful driving force within that company, just as it is with individuals and with nations. Think of the importance of the culture embodied within the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and what effect that has had on how the United States has evolved. Culture is much too important a factor to just let happen.

So you must think long and hard about what kind of a culture you want, and what kind of culture will help drive your company toward the goals you want to achieve. Once established, there will be some core ideas in your culture that should never change, but there will be other elements of the culture that may adapt over time in response to competition and to customer needs and desires. For example, as their customers¹ understanding of technology increased, IBM changed their culture from that of focusing on “what we make” to focusing on “what the customers need.”

As with almost everything that goes into building a strong, profitable, good company, building the kind of culture that will make this happen is not some strange, exotic art, nor does it require some special genius. But, as with almost anything else in building a good company, it does require a lot of thought and effort to build the right culture, and then a lot of hard work each and every day to reinforce it.

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Make a Referral Week

Make a Referral Week is an entrepreneurial approach to stimulating the small business economy one referred business at a time. The goal for the week is to generate 1000 referred leads to 1000 deserving small businesses in an effort to highlight the impact of a simple action that could blossom into millions of dollars in new business. Small business is the lifeblood and job-creating engine of the economy and merits the positive attention so often saved for corporate bailout stories.

The week long virtual event will also feature daily education programs focused on teaching small business owners and other marketers how to tap the power of referral marketing.

Individuals around the globe will be invited to make at least one referral to a small business and visit to share the referral details, including information on why they referred a particular business. Each day during the week one referral story will be chosen as the “best referral of the day” and the referred business and referral source will each win a Referral Gift Prize featuring signed books from recognized referral experts.

The Refer-O-Meter will monitor the march towards 1000 referrals given throughout the week.

The Duct Tape Marketing Coach Network will be hosting Make a Referral Week MeetUps in communities around North America to create live offline small business networking and referral opportunities in conjunction with the week’s online activities.

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Successories’ Buzz Aldrin joins Dancing with the Stars

The man on the moon is dancing with the stars. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin will take one quick step for man, one spectacular waltz for mankind when he joins the celebrity lineup on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars reality dance competition.

The second man to walk on the moon will now be the oldest contestant on Dancing with Stars at the ripe age of… 80! (Jazz hands everyone!)

The show will air in the U.S. starting March 22.

With Successories’ Design Your Inspiration, you can customize and personalize the inspirational figure that is Buzz Aldrin. Click here to check it out –>

The Story of Buzz Alrin:

On Sunday July 20, 1969, as the Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 11, he became one of the first humans to set foot on another world. As he gazed upon the unusual majesty of the moon in its starkness and monochromatic hues, he comprehended a beauty never before seen. He called it: “magnificent desolation.” He said that every step on the moon was a virginal experience. Exploring a place that had never before been seen by human eyes, upon which no foot had stepped, or hand touched, was awe-inspiring.

He started as a West Point cadet and went on to become an Air Force fighter pilot meriting the Distinguished Flying Cross medal for uncommon bravery and skill during 66 combat missions. He then earned his Doctorate at MIT which focused on spacecraft docking techniques that are still in use today, securing for himself the nickname: Dr. Rendezvous.

For those few glorious hours that he walked on the moon, he united humankind in a way never before experienced. “They came in peace for all mankind” were the words etched on the plaque left behind. As one of the greatest explorers of all time and in his ongoing work for the advance of humanity, Buzz Aldrin never ceases to… INSPIRE

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