Motivating Art Gives Patients Hope, Strength and Courage

CHALLENGE: Dr. Dean Mondell, owner of Rehabilitation Associates of Nevada in Las Vegas, creates an environment in which patients, as well as staff, reap the rewards of an inspiring culture.

What led you to decorate your practice with inspirational artwork from Successories versus more traditional artwork?
I think of myself as a spiritual person, so I was personally attracted to Successories. I guess that’s how this all got started. In our practice we deal with people who have chronic pain or disabilities, and it’s very important for them to have hope, strength and courage. Successories provides a natural union of beautiful images with sayings that give people strength. So initially, Successories appealed to me personally and then I realized that it would also be beneficial for our patients.

People have joked that you recently expanded the size of your practice just so you’d have more space for framed art from Successories. Where do you display it?
Well, we did recently get new office space and did in fact decorate it with Successories. You’ll find them everywhere from exam rooms and the waiting area to offices and hallways. The staff loves it. As a matter of fact, every time we get a new catalog, everyone marks the artwork they like. Everyone gets to vote on what we buy next.

What response has the art gotten from your patients?
They absolutely love it. I’ve heard patients complement us on our facility because of the beautiful artwork. It gives the patients something to read and contemplate while they wait, and helps them put things in perspective, which makes them feel better. And making people feel better is our ultimate goal.

Obviously artwork alone can’t make the difference for your patients. A lot of your success is owed to the care your staff provides. What strategies do you have in place for motivating your staff?
My approach is very loosely structured. All of my employees are employees of the month every month, and I let them know that.

I extend that approach to other colleagues as well. In our facility we work with physical therapists, occupational therapists, etc. This team approach to treating patients is much more effective when we work well together. I’ve found that by recognizing other’s efforts, working together becomes much easier.

What advice do you have for others when it comes to motivation and recognition?
Try using recognition on a regular basis. It really, really works. You’ll get back every cent you invest and more – the return is immeasurable.

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National Stress Awareness Day

Is work putting on the pressure? Are the kids on your nerves? Is there enough money to pay all of those the bills? There are literally thousands of reasons for you to get stressed out.

RELAX!!! Today is National Stress Awareness Day. This is your opportunity to recognize that there is plenty of stress in your life… as if you didn’t already know. More importantly, today is an opportunity to learn, and to do something about the stress…… before it drives you batty or worse.

April is also designated as Stress Awareness Month. Stress Awareness Day and Stress Awareness Month is sponsored by the Health Resource Network(HRN). They started this holiday in 1992 to increase public awareness of the causes and cures of stress.

Visit the Health Resource Network for stress and health related advice such as 5 Deadly Stress Related Myths and Stress Facts.

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Perpetual Award Programs Provide Daily Motivation

Provide daily motivation for all with a perpetual award program.

The traditional year-end award ceremony provides an opportunity to acknowledge excellence in a formal setting. On-the-spot recognition is ideal for offering instant informal affirmation. Somewhere between these two very different approaches lies the often-overlooked perpetual award program.

The Advantages
By publicly recognizing the outstanding efforts of a key employee each month, perpetual programs are a valuable tool for providing year-long motivation to your entire staff.

• Whether you choose to present the award in the form of a panel featuring each month’s recipient, a monthly series of individual awards, or a combination of both, the constant visibility of a perpetual program creates an on-going focus on excellence throughout the organization.

• The frequent regularity of perpetual awards creates positive energy in the workplace by offering an inclusive opportunity for every employee, even the newest hire, to earn well-deserved recognition.

• The somewhat formal nature of monthly awards allows you to constantly reinforce your core values by spotlighting individuals who personify those values, By recognizing these “standard bearers” of your guiding principles, you provide your entire staff with a model they can emulate as they strive for success.

The Options
Despite the frequency of this type of award, you’ll find perpetual programs ultimately easy to execute. Begin by choosing the type of program that meets your needs:

Individual Award Programs include 12 separate but matching plaques. Each month, you simply provide your vendor with the name of that month’s recipient and the award, complete with personalized plate, is shipped to you for prompt presentation.

Award Panels feature 12 engravable plates on a single large plaque designed for display in an open workspace or common area. Per your instructions, your vendor engraves each month’s plate and ships it to you. Plates are easily and securely inserted into position through the enclosed back of the panel.

Complete Programs combine both individual awards and an award panel for a comprehensive approach. By providing an award the recipient can proudly display in his or her own workspace along with a common-area plaque reminding all employees that excellence is consistently valued, complete programs provide effective motivation at both the individual and the group level.

With a variety of designs and materials to choose from, it’s easy to find a perpetual award program that fits your organization’s personality, values and budget. Whether you’re looking to keep it simple with elegant engraved plates on a classic pewter-finished panel, make it personal with a plaque featuring photos and signatures of each recipient, or dress it up with a rosewood panel accented with a motivational message and image, the choice is yours…and the motivation lasting.

Get Started
Introduce a perpetual program or freshen up your existing program today. You’ll discover the everyday encouragement it provides can transform your workplace in a way no other form of recognition can duplicate.

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Keeping the Team Focused as the Temperature Rises

It’s natural. Every spring, winter begins to loosen its grip and the sun sets later each evening making the days feel longer, more relaxed. You probably see your employees taking more time to get outdoors for lunch or leaving a bit early to catch a baseball game or end-of-the-year school event. While this spring shift may appear to detract from the business at hand, it’s actually a prime opportunity to increase your staff’s commitment to your organization’s success.

Rather than ignoring the natural change in attitude that comes with spring, take the time to let your staff know you’re sensitive to it by incorporating some easy “attitude enhancers.”

• Introduce a bi-weekly all-company ice cream or coffee break. Offer free frozen treats or premium coffee drinks twice a month during mid-morning or mid-afternoon and invite everyone to spend a few minutes away from their desks with their co-workers. This simple but effective tool gives everyone a chance to reconnect or build relationships with colleagues in other departments and sends them back to their duties with a positive, refreshed attitude. Create excitement around the event by holding a bi-weekly drawing for motivational mugs or water bottles imprinted with an inspiring message along with your logo.

• Institute Casual Dress Fridays or add an additional casual dress day to your existing program. While simple to administer, this time-tested, low-cost program allows co-workers to see each other in a different light and often leads to improved working relationships.

• Announce a “Beat the Rush” policy. Allow everyone to leave work an hour early on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. By giving them a much-appreciated jump on one of the busiest travel days of the year, your staff will focus more clearly on their responsibilities throughout day rather than dreading the gridlock they’re sure to face at 5 o’clock.

While acknowledging the seasonal attitude shift is important, keeping your organization’s broader goals in mind is also key. Consider these effective approaches.

• Organize a softball or volleyball team to compete in a local recreational league. The camaraderie and teamwork that is built outside of the building is carried back into the workplace, creating strong bonds between individuals and departments throughout the organization.

• Encourage innovative thinking. Often, when we’re more relaxed, we’re able to see things in new ways. Spring is the perfect time to tap into the innovative ideas that are sometimes hidden below the surface. Keep the big ideas flowing by developing an email suggestion box. Offer a dream-themed motivational print along with a certificate for a free day off for the best new suggestion submitted each quarter.

• Use Free Lunch Gift Cards as instant recognition. This dual-purpose perk should never be underestimated. A gift card to a local restaurant provides instant gratification for the recipient and encourages everyone to do their best at all times. Along with each gift card, present your recipients with a motivational lapel pin, medallion or mini award for even greater impact.

With competition for talent increasing and workers actively seeking out businesses that recognize the importance of work/life balance, it’s important to show your staff that you appreciate the significant seasonal shift that occurs each spring while keeping employees focused on the success of the organization.

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