Throwing A Christmas Party? Here Are Some Ideas

Throwing A Christmas Party? Here Are Some Ideas

Throwing an office Christmas party is a great way to not only bring some fun and lightness to the office but also show your co-workers and employees that they are appreciated. It can also help boost employee morale, and inspire loyalty. Even if you are stuck at work it is still possible to have a festive gathering, and these Christmas office party ideas will help you throw at great one that everyone will fondly remember.


While a company email will get the message across, there are better ways to invite everyone to the Christmas party. An invitation will help set the mood, and you want everyone to be excitedly looking forward to the event. Some ideas for fun and unique invitations for an office Christmas party include,

  • Santa’s Sleigh Invitation: You can easily add the details for the Christmas Party to the back of Santa’s sleigh.
  • Christmas Lights Invitation: It’s a fun design that is always popular no matter the holiday party theme.
  • Ticket Style Invitation: All of the information for the party can be easily printed on the ticket, and it is also a great way to add a sense of anticipation.
  • Holiday VIP Pass Invitation: Any employee will feel special and recognized with this festive party invite.

Great Christmas office parties almost always have a theme or fun activities to play, but it is important to let your guests know. This way everyone will feel comfortable and welcome. Here are some suggestions for fun activities,

  • Ugly sweater contest
  • Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange
  • Cookie exchange
  • Potluck or recipe exchange
  • Ornament exchange
  • Scavenger hunt

Christmas Office Party Supplies and Decorations

It is easy to decorate an office for a Christmas Party, and it will definitely make the atmosphere more festive and fun. Here are some fun decorating ideas that can make any office look festive,

  • Wrapping paper is an inexpensive way to add holiday cheer to drab office walls. Simply cut out a square and top with ribbon or a bow, and you have created Christmas presents on the wall.
  • You can never go wrong hanging up Christmas lights for decoration.
  • A Christmas Banner is an inexpensive way to add holiday cheer, and it can usually be used year after year.
  • There are several Christmas themed ceiling dangles that can help brighten up the party space.
  • Balloons are another fun and inexpensive way to add bright color to an office Christmas party.
  • Holiday confetti sprinkled on tables is fun, colorful and inexpensive.
  • Christmas photo ops are a great way to create lasting memories and create strong bonds among employees.
  • Streamers and paper chain garlands are inexpensive and effective at brightening up dull office spaces.
  • Spray snow can be messy, but it can also be a great way to add some holiday cheer.

Christmas Office Party Activities and Games

A few ideas for some activities at a Christmas office party that can ensure that everyone has fun includes,

  • White elephant exchange
  • Christmas trivia games
  • Who Am I? (guess famous holiday characters)

Personalized Office Christmas Party Favors

An office Christmas favor doesn’t have to be extravagant, just something that shows employees they are appreciated. Whether it is small gift baskets or personalize mints, it really is the thought that counts.

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