Free White Paper! Make Motivational Posters Work For You!

Studies have shown that the workplace environment has a major effect on employees, and this includes the décor. How the office is decorated can effect everything from a worker’s mood and morale to their performance and productivity.

Organizing the space to improve workflow is a start in improving the workplace environment, but this still leaves the matter of the bare walls. Not only are they boring, plain walls can still leave employees feeling unmotivated and uninspired.

If a business wants to improve employee performance and increase productivity, they should follow the recommendation of the latest studies. Motivational posters will do more than add a splash of bright color to drab walls, they can also inspire employees to always strive to do their best. When employees are inspired and motivated, productivity and performance increases and this is always good news for companies.

A proven fact is that happy employees do work harder and this starts with the workplace environment. Along with decorating the walls with bright motivational posters, employees also need to feel that they are appreciated and recognized for their achievements. According to a survey by the GoodCo. 69 percent of employees questioned stated that they would work harder if they received more recognition in the workplace.

When employees aren’t recognized or the workplace décor is drab and uninviting it is easy for them to become disengaged. According to the Gallup Business Journal “disengaged employees’ lose productivity costing U.S. business more than $300 billion a year.”

These losses can be easily prevented simply by decorating dull walls with motivational posters from Successories. These posters are designed to inspire and motivated employees, while also adding some color to drab office walls. To ensure businesses and their employees get the most out of these posters, Successories also offers a handy guide on how to make them work for you. Click here to enter your email address and get your copy!

Successories can also provide business owners and managers with helpful guides on everything from “how to buy awards” to “showing daily recognition”. Learn how to reduce employee stress at work and keep workers engaged throughout the year. There is even a guide that shows which employee awards are tax deductible, and this is something that every business can benefit from. Most of these guides are available for instant download so companies can get started improving employee engagement and productivity.

Creating a stress free and pleasant work environment starts with the décor, and this means the walls. Employees spend a lot of time looking at their workspace throughout the day so why not give them something inspirational and motivational to see? Successories has a wide variety of motivational posters that can brighten any dull workspace.

From fun to contemplative, bosses and managers can find the perfect one for their company. When employees have a pleasant workspace space productivity and performance will dramatically increase. This is also way it is important to recognize employee achievement, and Successories has a wide selection of rewards for any occasion.

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