How To Award Volunteers

Award Volunteers

For businesses all across the country, volunteers are an invaluable and indispensable resource. In charity stores, soup kitchens, blood donation centers, hospitals, clinics, and at public events, these selfless individuals freely give up their time to help others. The bottom line is that it costs a lot money to offer any kind of charity, and businesses need to keep expenses as low as possible, if they are to succeed in making a real difference.

As the single largest expense for almost all enterprises, staff wages run in direct opposition to most non-profit ventures, particularly if the event in question is designed to be held only once. This is why volunteers are typically drafted in to help. They have waived their right to payment (or directed their payment to a non-profit organisation), are only needed for a brief amount of time, and are offering their services as a way to help others.

If anybody deserves to be recognized for their achievements, it is volunteers, and managers should feel compelled to make sure that this happens. The question is, does volunteer appreciation have to be different to standard employee recognition? The parameters of the work may vary, but should the way in which gratitude is expressed be similarly distinct?

These tips should help managers to come up with some creative volunteer award ideas.

Always Say Thank You – the first step to showing appreciation for a job well done is a simple thank you. It needs to be sincere and correctly offered, so either gather together all of the volunteers and express your gratitude, or thank them one by one. It should not be assumed that simply thanking one individual, and then hoping that the word gets round, is enough.

Wrangle a Special Treat – lots of theme parks, gyms, health centers, museums, and other attractions are more than willing to offer volunteers free vouchers and admission tickets. If a manager or superior has a talk with a representative, and explains the situation (namely, how much work the team put in for no pay), it is very likely that treats will be offered.

Host a Celebratory Lunch – similarly, one of the best ways to get all volunteers together in the same room and offer thanks is with a celebratory luncheon or dinner. The event should not cost your volunteers anything, because it should be an opportunity for them to mingle, have fun, celebrate their achievements, and toast their relationship with the company.

Volunteer Award

Give Out a Volunteer Award – a trophy, plaque, or reward is a great way to let volunteers know that their effort has been recognized. The Volunteer Industry Award Plaque, from Successories, is a stylish and contemporary way to mark the achievements of an individual or a team. It comes with a special engraving; “Those whose lives you have impacted say ‘Thank you!’” and the option to add a personal message too.

For more help and advice on creative ways to reward volunteers, get in touch with the experts at Successories today, on 1-800-535-2773. Or, visit the Successories website to browse a range of top quality plaques, awards, trophies, and other mementos.


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