Top Outdoor Corporate Events

Top Corporate Events

Thanks to the beautiful, yet hot, summer weather, it is the perfect time to take your indoor corporate events outside. Whether you are planning to reward employees for their achievements, launch a new product, throw a customer appreciation event, or something entirely different, holding these events outdoors will provide a much appreciated change of pace for you and your employees.

If you are not certain what you can do, here are a few options.

company picnic

Baseball: Does a professional or minor league baseball team play near your office? Most of them are well equipped to host corporate events. For example, suites are often available, as well as picnic areas and much more. If your employees have been working extra hard lately, you could surprise them with a relaxing afternoon game.

A unique outdoor venue: Do you live in an area with a zoo, botanical garden, or an art gallery with an outdoor area? Any of these present the opportunity for fun and are likely to have an outdoor area that can be set aside for events. You could even hold a meeting or training session.

Boats: Whether you live on the ocean, lake, or river, you may be able to hire a private yacht or boat to take your employees on a short cruise. Not only will it be something completely different, but it offers the opportunity for beautiful views and an up close look at nature.

An outdoor concert: This presents the chance to reward employees and also invite their families along. You should be able to rent a private tent for your group, as well as arrange for a local restaurant to cater dinner for everyone.

An all day group event: Depending on where you live, you may be able to plan an outdoor team building exercise that everyone will enjoy. Be sure to have a local deli or sandwich shop cater lunch. You may also want to consider going horseback riding or taking everyone on a fishing trip. If your employees are athletic, you could answer consider going hiking or biking. This is also something you could do on the weekend, so that employees can their family.

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