Employee Wellness Programs Are Due For an Overhaul

Employee Wellness Programs

Most companies offer employee wellness programs that can include everything from annual flu shots to team exercise challenges and fitness centers located on-site. While these programs might seem like everything employees need to stay healthy and fit is included, participation is often a problem.

Studies have shown that healthy employees are more productive and better equipped to deal with stress. They are also more engaged, and motivated to perform at their optimal best. When employees are happy and healthy company profits and sales tend to soar, which is always beneficial for the business.

No matter the size of the company, employee health and fitness should be important, and this means getting everyone to participate in the available programs. Even if there is a fitness center on-site this does not necessarily mean this is what employees want. Here are a few tips to help you give employees what they want to get and stay fit and healthy.

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Downside of On-Site Fitness Centers

It is not uncommon for companies to offer employees memberships to on or off-site gyms, but this doesn’t seem to improve participation levels.

Some of the reasons for this include lacking the time needed to fit a workout in at the gym, and finding conveniently scheduled classes can be almost impossible for busy employees. Some on-site gyms also have a limited number of classes offered, along with improperly trained staff. There can also be a problem with feeling intimated working out around others, especially if it is a boss or co-worker.

Another downside to on-site fitness centers are the limited number of workout machines which can cause employees to become bored and lose interest in their work outs.

Privacy and Flexibility

Most employees want flexibility and privacy when they are working out, and the best way to give them this is to make it easier for them to workout at home. There are several ways employers can give employees the freedom to exercise and get fit at home, which includes DVDs and video services.

These give employees the instructions and classes they need to lose weight and improve their health, and can be done at their convenience and in privacy. It is important to ensure that any online wellness program that is made available to employees includes plenty of instructions and motivation to keep them going, and it never hurts if the programs come with music.

Increase Participation

Offering employees the chance to take advantage of workout DVDs or online fitness classes can significantly increase participation in a company’s wellness programs. While this isn’t saying that company sponsored gym memberships are useless, only that businesses need to be willing to expand their employees’ options. When everyone can work out comfortably at a time that is convenient for them, businesses will soon start to see an improvement in morale and productivity. Healthy employees are also generally happier which has the added advantage of making the company a fun and pleasant place to work.

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