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Monthly Holidays to Celebrate Employee Recognition

Recognizing employees with gifts throughout the year helps businesses retain top talent, increase sentiment throughout the workplace culture, improve management efforts, and boost engagement. While there are plenty of employee-focused holidays to recognize among your staff, there are more monthly holidays throughout the year when giving employee gifts is appropriate. Check out some ideas below. […]

5 Reasons to Use Admin Assistant Gift Ideas Year-Round

What would you do without your administrative assistants? It’s easy to see why they have their own holiday on Admin Professionals Day, on the Wednesday of the last full week of April every year. Consider all they might do for your business: Manage projects Handle business correspondence Develop filing systems Coordinate schedules Conduct research Work […]

Gift Ideas for Boss: Perfect Gifts for Any Occasion

If you want to make a great impression at work, giving your boss gifts that are thoughtful is a way to strengthen your relationship. The best gifts for boss perfectly fit whatever is being celebrated, whether it’s a work anniversary, retirement, or other occasion. You can make a boss gift even more meaningful by personalizing […]

Top 5 Ideas For Staff Celebrations

Your staff is dedicated, hard-working and fun to be around. You simply think they’re the best. Have you told this lately? You don’t have to wait until there is an official holiday to show your staff some appreciation. Not every business can take advantage of National Nurses or Teacher Appreciation Week, so why not create […]

Don’t Let Summer Vacations Disrupt Employee Productivity

Employee productivity often dips a little in the summer. Their kids are out of school, and they are trying to find extra time to spend with their families. Even employees without children are starting to plan their summer vacations. With everyone’s mind on upcoming summer activities, it can be hard for them to stay on […]

Our Top 10 Employee Reward Picks For July 2017

Employees often find themselves working harder in the summer. Not only are they trying to find extra time to spend with their families, their work load is often increased due to vacationing co-workers. June is the perfect time to recognize these employees that are constantly going above and beyond their normal job description, and Successories […]

5 Tips to Make Positive Changes at Your Work

When employees are mentally and physically healthy, motivation and productivity typically increase. Happy and healthy employees can also create a pleasant work environment, and this benefits everyone in the company. To help their employees get and stay healthy, many companies are actively encouraging them to make some positive changes in their daily habits. Setting goals […]

Give Gift Sets: When a Single Item Isn’t Enough

Sometimes rewarding an employee with one item isn’t enough to adequately show your appreciation. It may just feel a little less than what is deserved. For these occasions, a gift set is the perfect solution. It’s also a unique way that will make you stand out from others who are giving out regular old gifts. In […]

Seven More Gifts For Your Employees

It’s not always easy finding thoughtful and appropriate gifts for your employees. You want to show them recognition, but you don’t want to give everyone the same gift every time. To give you some ideas here are seven more gifts that will make any employee feel appreciated. Flame Glass Award This stunningly beautiful award is […]

5 Quirky Successories Gifts

Employees appreciate having a little fun at work. It can encourage teamwork, improve productivity and inspire company loyalty. A fun gift is not only a great way to lighten up the workplace environment, it can also show appreciation to a well deserving employee. Here are 5 fun and quirky gifts from Successories that can make […]

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