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Five Employee Gifts From Successories Under $10

When employees feel appreciated it benefits the company. Motivation and productivity improve, and this typically results in an increase in profits. Even though showing employee appreciation should be a part of the workplace culture, some companies are worried about the added expense. An employee gift doesn’t need to be expensive for them to feel like […]

5 Effective Ways To Rock At Employee Recognition

Employee recognition should be an important part of any workplace culture. Though in recent years, it has become expected. In some companies giving employees rewards has become so common place that it is difficult to show recognition for exceptional work. While it is important to keep employees happy and productive, this doesn’t necessarily mean rewarding […]

Five Top Gifts And Rewards For August

Showing your employees that you appreciate their hard work is important. It encourages company loyalty, and can inspire and motivate your team. You don’t have to wait until there is a holiday or other special occasion to reward your staff. Sometimes, the recognition means the most when it is unexpected. This August, take the time […]

Employee Recognition Programs And Motivating Managers To Participate

When your business is a leader in its field and you’re still relying on an outdated employee recognition program, the best advice is to participate in a better one. How successful the new program is will depend on its leaders, which typically includes managers. So, when the current employee recognition program is not being implemented […]

This Summer Use Health And Fitness Incentive Programs To Get Rid Of The Winter Blues

It’s finally summer! The cold drab days of winter are gone and with the return of bright sunshine you have the perfect opportunity to boost sagging employee energy levels. During the winter employee motivation and moral often suffer, and this affects productivity. When summer arrives, the warmer days give employers the chance to create health […]

Check Out These 8 Gifts For Your Employees In July

Hectic summer schedules can make it easy for bosses to forget to show their appreciation for their hard-working employees, but this can be a mistake. When employee recognition is lacking in the workplace, motivation and job satisfaction often decreases. This usually results in a loss of productivity, and this can affect a company’s success. This […]

Top 5 Ideas For Staff Celebrations

Your staff is dedicated, hard-working and fun to be around. You simply think they’re the best. Have you told this lately? You don’t have to wait until there is an official holiday to show your staff some appreciation. Not every business can take advantage of National Nurses or Teacher Appreciation Week, so why not create […]

Don’t Let Summer Vacations Disrupt Employee Productivity

Employee productivity often dips a little in the summer. Their kids are out of school, and they are trying to find extra time to spend with their families. Even employees without children are starting to plan their summer vacations. With everyone’s mind on upcoming summer activities, it can be hard for them to stay on […]

Our Top 10 Employee Reward Picks For July 2017

Employees often find themselves working harder in the summer. Not only are they trying to find extra time to spend with their families, their work load is often increased due to vacationing co-workers. June is the perfect time to recognize these employees that are constantly going above and beyond their normal job description, and Successories […]

5 Great Ideas For Fun At Work On The 4th Of July

Not every business closes for July 4th, even though this is an important national holiday. If you’re open and have employees working, you might want to consider treating them to some fun on this holiday. Not only will it help improve their moral, it can also improve employee engagement and team building skills. Here are […]

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