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Why Customer Service Matters

Why Customer Service Matters

Get The Facts on Customer Service:

Fact: Customers spend up to 10% more for the same product with better service.

Fact: Customers tell anywhere from 9 to 12 people when they get good service.

Fact: When customers receive poor service, they tell up to 20 people.

Fact: Studies have shown that it takes a customer as little as ten seconds to pick up on the attitude (bad or good) of the person they are speaking to!

Creating a Customer Service Culture

When people think of customer service, they think of the front-line workers, the ones that come in direct contact with the customer. But the truth is, everyone in your company has an impact on the customer experience: The receptionist who greets visitors, the IT worker who maintains the systems to take orders, and the marketing staff that communicates information about your products. Everyone touches the customer in some way. This is why you must develop a customer service culture — from the top down.

Here are some simple steps you can take to create a Customer-Friendly Organization:

Communicate to every level the importance of customer service and the behaviors you are looking for regarding that service.

Recognize employees when they demonstrate positive service behaviors, both formally with awards and informally with certificates, medallions and hand-written notes of thanks.

Constantly give specific examples of good customer service.

Emphasize the concept of internal customer service. And treat your employees well! The quality of service they offer your customers is directly related to how the employees are treated themselves.

Empower your employees to make decisions and break the “rules” to satisfy a customer.

Train your people—all your people—on this customer service-based culture from the moment they are hired.

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Innovation Inspiration Video


The best way to predict the future...is to create it.

From Successories.com comes the inspirational moving image “Innovation” based upon the Successories poster illuminated by a tremendously powerful strike of light, a lone mountain road winds through a darkened pine forest. A strike image that is a beautiful visual metaphor for the Successories message “The best way to predict the future…is to create it.”

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Maintaining Productivity and Positively in the Work Place

Did you know that only 45% of people are happy with their job? Did you know that unhappy employees are far less productive than happy employees or even simply content employees? It is easy to understand that in a rough economy people are less picky about their jobs, but that doesn’t mean they are happy doing them. And during a down economy, a business can’t afford an unproductive workforce.

Let’s say an organization employs 100 people, 30 of which are unhappy and therefore are about 70% less productive than a happy employee. If the organization is paying these unhappy and unproductive employees $4,000 a month, the Annual Cost of Unproductive Time is $1,800,000.00!

The number 1 reason why employees are unsatisfied with their jobs… it’s not money… it’s simply Appreciation & Recognition.

Bonuses and Pay Raises are expensive compared to personalized acrylic awards that show your employees that the organization recognizes their contributions. Start 2010 with an ambitious and happy organization by having an appreciation award ceremony. Recognize your stars with plaques and trophies! Can you afford not to?

At Successories, we boast a tremendous selection of premium quality awards with easy customization, exclusive designs, as well as affordable options. Keep your employees engaged by making recognition a regular event. It’s easy and affordable. Our instant recognition collection makes it easy to recognize employees. Get budget-friendly instant recognition now!

We do acrylic awards right. Our unique selection and inspiring messages set our acrylic awards apart. See all of our Awards & Recognition items.

Choose from dozens of quality glass and crystal awards! The innovative shapes, uplifting messages and unique designs of our glass and crystal awards add panache to your award presentations. Customize these glass and crystal awards with your logo and/or your unique message for a one-of-a-kind presentation.

Give out positive performance reviews with commemorative certificates.

Start an award program such as employee of the month or top sale person with our stunning perpetual awards.

Start Promoting Productivity now at Successories.com

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Design Your New Years Resolution

Did you know that only 15% of people make it through the month of January with their new year’s resolution? That’s because of a lack of motivation. The new year is the inspiration for a new start, but motivation is what keeps the drive alive. What motivates you?

With Successories Design Your Inspiration, you can motivate yourself everyday with a piece of wall or desk art that has an inspirational image and words to motivate you through each negative thought or lazy day so that you can be part of the 15% that sticks to their resolution this year.

Find your motivation and inspiration now Click Here.

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Penguin Pictures

Successories has added several inspirational penguin pictures to its product line at Design Your Inspiration, where you can take these stunning flightless birds and make them your own. It makes a great penguin gift for your loved ones, friends, colleagues, or yourself. Click here to see all our penguins!

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National Inspiration and Motivation Day

Many people make New Year’s Resolutions. But did you know that 85% of people do not get past the end of January before quitting their New Year’s Resolution! With the help of Our in-house motivational expert Kevin’s Motivate America 2010 Success Calendar at http://www.motivationandinspirationday.com/ as well as Successories contributions to the cause such as the daily motivator desktop talker and DesignYourInspiration.com where you can Design Your New Years Resolution.

Kevin, is the founder of National Inspiration and Motivation Day. Watch him on Fox News:

Holiday Gift Guide – Teamwork Rowers Interactive Sculpture

This holiday season, give the gift of inspiration with Successories Exclusive Teamwork Rowers Interactive Sculpture. Successories Classic Rowers Motivational poster has turned into a stunning piece of desktop motion art. The stainless steel silver- and gold-plated figures of this interactive sculpture row in harmony without batteries via a series of specially calibrated gears; richly finished composite wood base which can be personalized with an engraving! It’s the perfect office gift for your star employee, your boss, or you client. It brings excitement to every office and desk that it resides. Quantities are limited and going fast.

Check out our Teamwork Rowers Inspirational Video:


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Holiday Gift Guide – Hemisphere Desk Clock & Magnifier

Looking for that perfect gift for your professional contacts. The Hemisphere Desk Clock & Magnifier is it! A stunning reproduction of a 19th-century timepiece popular among travelers, this combination clock/magnifier adds old world atmosphere and classic inspiration to any desk or table top. Originally designed to improve readability by candlelight, the fisheye lenses of the sphere magnify an antique clock face on one side and our stalwart sailboat image and leadership quote on the other. Unscrew the clock’s lens however and it doubles as a handy document magnifier. This truly unique gift comes ready for presentation in a distinctive cylinder-shaped gift box. Click Here to see!

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Most Popular Design Your Inspiration

At Design Your Inspiration, we have found the most inspirational photographs and images from some of the most acclaimed photographers, and we are proud to be able to offer the inspirational value of every single image on our site for you to personalize and customize, but after looking at all the DYI’s created by you, some inspirational images showed up more often than others. Click here to see the most popular inspirational DYI images in descending order starting with the most inspirational image as chosen by YOU, the consumer.

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Design Your Inspiration Galleries

Click Here to View our Office Gallery

Click Here to View our Home Gallery

Proudly and beautifully displayed in your office on the wall or desk, these customized and personalized inspirational works of art are the perfect update for traditional plaques, thank you notes, greeting cards and more. What better way to acknowledge and publicly recognize anyone in your professional and/or personal life for their contribution, performance, achievement or ‘just because’ than by presenting them with gifts of inspiration.

Show off your gifts of inspiration at home on your walls or tables in your den, study or living room.  These professionally hand crafted customized, personalized works of art complete every room with beautiful images, meaningful quotes and touching personal messages.

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