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Administrative Professionals
Appreciation Day 2015

Whether you are celebrating Administrative Professional's Day which is April 22nd, 2015 or celebrating Administrative Professional's Week from April 19 - 25 2014, Successories has the gifts to truly show them that you have noticed and appreciate how much they contribute to the organization. Read More >>

Administrative Professionals Appreciation Day April 24th 2014

Count Down to
Admin Appreciation Day

April 22nd, 2015

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Administrative Professionals Appreciation Books
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Note Cubes Administrative Professionals Appreciation Gifts
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Administrative Professionals Appreciation Gifts Desktop Prints
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About Administrative Professionals Week

The goal of Administrative Professionals Day is to recognize and celebrate people who are secretaries, Administrative assistants, and any other office professionals. These people perform a variety of functions and are a contributor to an organization's success. This article provides information about this day and its importance to people who perform office support positions in today's workforce.

When is Administrative Professionals Appreciation Day?

Administrative Professionals Week is always held annually during the last full week in April. Administrative Professionals Day is always held on the Wednesday of that week.

Administrative Professionals Week is observed the last full week of April. Wednesday is when Administrative Professionals Day is celebrated. There are over 4 million people who work in secretarial or administrative assistant positions in the United States. Most people who work in these positions are appreciated by receiving flowers, being taken out to lunch, or given gifts from members of management.

The History of Administrative Professionals Day

The week that was designated as Administrative Professionals Week was once called National Secretaries Week by The IAAP or The International Association of Administrative Professionals. There were also a variety of office product manufactures that were involved in the initial organization back In 1952.

The president of The National Secretaries Association, which is now The IAAP, was Many Barrett. She and C. King Woodbridge, who was president of The Dictaphone Corporation, were on a council that was tasked with finding a solution to not having the necessary skilled office workers available.

They came up with a solution with the help of a third person named Harry Klemfuss and that was a campaign for a national secretaries week.

The first National Secretaries Week occurred in 1952 from June 1 to June 7 and was proclaimed so by Charles Sawyer who was The U.S. Secretary of Commerce back then. Wednesday June 4 was chosen as the designated day for National Secretaries Day.

The National Secretaries Association decided to make a change to the observation date of National Secretaries Week and they changed it to April. National Secretaries Day was to be observed on Wednesday of the last week of the month.

The changing nature of the workforce was the reason National Secretaries Association became Professional Secretaries International or PSI back in 1981. This also was the reason National Secretaries Day was changed to Professional Secretaries Week.

PSI decided to change their name in 1998 to the International Association of Administrative Professionals as this was a reflection of expanding roles of office staff. The IAAP announced Professional Secretaries Day was being changed to Administrative Professionals Day in 2000. This was needed to address the structure of administrative staff and responsibilities of office staff in an organization.

Additional Information

It's time to show your appreciation and celebrate those that keep the office running smoothly. Administrative Professions are the glue that keep everything together. Administrative Professionals Appreciation Day encourages managers of all levels to support and reward their admins, and to show their appreciation! Successories has a variety of exclusive high quality Adminastrative Professional Gifts to show your appreciation!

There are various types of thank you gifts that are great ways to recognize all the functions administrative staff does for a variety of organizations. One thing to keep In mind is the contributions that administrative staff provide to organizations of any size. This means Administrative Professionals Day is one way for a business to show appreciation to their office staff.

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Customer Favorite Admin Professional Day Gifts

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating | Reviewer: Jimmy G of Naples, FL

You Rock Squeezable Stress Reliever

Great product. It was a hit!

Great gift for support staff appreciation! Looks real and fakes people out when they pick it up. Very Creative Idea!

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating | Reviewer: Missy of New Castle, IN

Executive Photo Desk Clock

Excellent Executive Gift

We used this clock as a gift for our past president. It was perfect for that use.

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating | Reviewer: Bean of Billings MT

Excellence Mountain Self-Stick Note Cube

Practical, attractive

This item was purchased as a gift for our department staff for National Customer Service week. A little expensive for a memo cube, but attractive and great message.

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  • Administrative Professionals Week
  • 2013: April 21-27
  • 2014: April 20-26
  • 2015: April 19-25
  • 2016: April 24-30
  • 2017: April 23-29

  • Administrative Professionals Day
  • 2013: April 24
  • 2014: April 23
  • 2015: April 22
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