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Kinetic Sculpture Awards

Interactive Achievement Awards & Performance Awards, Business Awards

Hang business and interactive employee awards where the world can see who your performers are. Employee photos adorn these interactive business awards set in a stunning background that includes images and inscriptions on these achievement awards.

Beautifully designed interactive employee awards foster great attitudes among your workers. These interactive business awards are given on a monthly basis.

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Honor your employees with interactive employee awards given during the year. These employee and interactive business awards add to any office or gathering spot for employees. Interactive employee awards are framed in aluminum and include 12 individual openings for employee photographs whether employees are receiving achievement awards or performance awards.

With these business and interactive employee awards, you’ll be awarding employees on a monthly basis. Looking forward to monthly employee achievement awards and performance awards help in keeping morale high. Check out our interactive business awards that will inspire your staff members to work toward employee and business awards.
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