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Recognition medallions are a fantastic way to thank employees for a job well done. The brass award medallions feature art such as an eagle with the words "Dare to Soar." When you give these affordable awards, staff members feel great - and the awards won't break the bank. Our star performance award is especially popular, because everyone likes to be treated like a star!

Our recognition medallions feature the finest materials and craftsmanship of any affordable awards. The award medallions come on key chains and as lapel pins.

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Give recognition medallions to clients and staff as a token of your appreciation.

You can't top our recognition medallions when it comes to inspirational yet inexpensive awards. These brass award medallions include images such as a handshake accompanied by the words "Together We Can." The affordable awards come in various forms, from award key chains to recognition lapel pins. Our many designs include the star performance award, which makes people feel like stars.

Our recognition medallions are perfect to slip into a purse or pocket, or you can proudly wear them as recognition lapel pins. The award medallions also come attached to award key chains for ultimately practical use. Give employees these affordable awards to motivate them to greater heights. Our star performance award is especially a winner among the inexpensive awards, because it symbolizes excellence.
Products 61 - 78 of 78