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Fun at Work Day

International Fun at Work Day is January 26th, 2018. This day is an opportunity to show your appreciation and engage your employees. "I don't like to have fun at work," said no one ever. So here are some ideas and games to make work fun.

The name says it all – this day is dedicated to making work fun! Employees around the world are encouraged to let loose, smile, defy convention and not play by the rules for a day. Stock up on budget-friendly prizes, candy and motivational items to hand out to employees, and get creative with what your office can do to celebrate the holiday. The sky's the limit for ways you can get festive: Encourage your employees to wear costumes to work, hold an impromptu dance party, rent a chocolate fountain, play games, have karaoke hour, hang up a disco ball, set up video games in a conference room, stock the break room with ice cream and candy, hold office versions of popular game shows, order lunch from a nearby favorite restaurant, and cap off the day with an after-work happy hour or party.

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Customer Favorite Fun at Work Day

Updated Monday 08-20-2018
Rising Star Squeezable Stress Relievers
from Gina of Powell, OH

Rising Star Squeezable Stress Relievers

Just what I was looking for
Used as small token of appreciation for staff member

Teamwork Trio Stress Reliever
from Rose of New Mexico

Teamwork Trio Stress Reliever

Great Team Gift
Gave to a group of volunteers that have been helping me get my business off the ground. My way of thanking them and sending a message of how...with there help "together" we can do it!

Motivational Rubik's Cube
from LVN of Pasadena, CA

Motivational Rubik's Cube

This is Fun
I love this because it is all one piece and provides mind stimulation

Why Celebrate International Fun at Work Day – January 26

Everyone's familiar with those post-holiday blues, but they can be overcome! By looking toward the excitement and possibility of the future and finding fun reasons to continue the celebrations, you can keep the cheer going through the tough winter months. Successories has everything you need to help spirits stay high, from inexpensive rewards and candy to fun gifts and motivational items – shop now at Successories.com.

As children, we dreaded the last day of winter vacation before we had to return to school. And as adults, not much has changed since then - except now we dread going back to work. After a season of paid time off, parties and other festivities, it's no wonder that employees can have a hard time getting back into the work mindset, and that they're not looking forward to trading eggnog for Excel and pumpkin pie for pie charts.

Luckily, you're not doomed to face several months of gray winter gloom at your office – you can pep up spirits and add some cheer back into the atmosphere. Feeling sad or unmotivated returning to work is not an uncommon feeling, and the first step to easing the pain and getting engagement back up is acknowledging that you're all facing the blues together.

"For many, the holiday season is like a dream world and hopefully people have had a good dream, but it is like a dream that ceases literally overnight," said Angelo Halaris, a psychiatry and behavioral neurosciences professor at Loyola Medicine, in an interview with CNN. "There is a real sense of loss that comes with this transition period that makes us all a little sad."

Next, you should add some fun to your office culture and give employees some more festive occasions to celebrate, even if the winter holidays are behind them. With this approach, you can boost engagement and help employees feel excited about work again.

Boosting employee happiness levels after the holidays means understanding the psychology of that post-holiday slump. There are two main strategies to employ that will help revive engagement during this period

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