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Great Retirement Gifts for Employees You Appreciate

Having employees retire from your company is bittersweet. You’ll miss their hard work and dedication, but they’re embarking on an exciting new chapter in their lives. When you’re losing a hard worker to retirement, show you care with retirement gifts from Successories. You’ll reinforce your gratitude for your working relationship, and they’ll think of your business in a great light that can benefit you in future referrals and positive sentiment. Other employees will see the value you place in service and dedication to your company.

At Successories, we have great retirement gift ideas that fit all budgets and that can be customized to create something truly special for the receiver. From personalized gifts like desk clocks to beautiful vases and crystal wine cradles to specific retirement gifts for her and retirement gifts for him, there is an array of functional and decorative gifts for retirement from Successories to perfectly fit whomever you’re giving them to. Shop gifts for retirement below and show your long-time employees you care.

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Benefits of Giving Retirement Gifts

Although losing an employee to retirement may seem like a negative event for your business, in many ways, it’s a reason to celebrate. You should feel honored that the employee chose to make your company the last one they worked with. They’ve decided to end their full-time professional career with your business, which is truly something special.

It’s always a good idea to commemorate this momentous occasion with thoughtful retirement gifts. Whether you choose to recognize the employee on their last day at work in front of your team, or present recognition at a company-wide awards gala, there are plenty of great times to show your appreciation. Here are some reasons why you should plan on giving retirement gifts:

  • They’ll leave your company on a good note. Whether they choose to pursue part-time work or volunteer after they’ve left your business, even though someone retires, they’ll still have plenty of professional and personal contacts out in the community. Showing your retired employees you care with gifts for retirement makes them feel positively about your business, so they can refer other people to work for you or talk about your company in a great light to others.
  • Recognition boosts morale among your staff. When someone is retiring, chances are good that they have plenty of co-workers who value them and will miss them. Seeing the leadership at your company bestow a retiree with a thoughtful gift makes the whole team feel like the retiree is being sent off in style. They’ll be able to take part in a retirement recognition celebration, and they might be more likely to stay with your company because they’ll have their own retirement celebration to look forward to in the future.
  • Giving retirement gifts boosts the image of your company. A retirement gift enhances the brand of your business in several ways. If the gift is prominently displayed somewhere by the retiree, it can spark conversations with other people about your business. If you document the recognition gift-giving ceremony, you can use photos or testimonials for your website or social media accounts. When others see that your company values your most loyal employees, potential applicants will view your business as more attractive.

Plus, it just feels great to give a heartfelt gift to someone you care about! You can get input from multiple people at your company for the best gifts to give, and shop together at Successories to find great retirement gifts.

Shop Gifts for Retirement Now

If you have employees who are coming up on their retirement with your company, now is the best time to start planning to get them gifts to recognize their work and dedication. We’re always adding new great retirement gift selections to our online store, so check back regularly to see what has been added. Shop gifts for retirement for your longtime employees now.

Customer Favorite Retirement Gifts

Updated Thursday 09-21-2017
Essence of Success Desk Clock
Rating: | Reviewer: Deb of Steamboat Springs, CO

Essence of Success Desk Clock

Great product!
We gave these clocks to all our retiring teachers. The picture was beautiful and the wording very appropriate for the occasion.

Rosewood Interactive Gear Clock Personalized Desk Clock
Rating: | Reviewer: Been There of Kansas

Rosewood Interactive Gear Clock Personalized Desk Clock

Outstanding & Functional Gift
We were looking for a quality item that provided attractive functionality and recognition. This clock fit the need perfectly. Whether displayed in an office or home, this clock speaks of sophistication and is beautiful on both the front and the back.We purchased this to give to a long-time board member who is ending his time with us, and we couldn't be more pleased. Successories' staff is also quite good!

Celebration Vase
Rating: rating | Reviewer: Michelle of Washington DC

Celebration Vase

A Beautiful Gift
We picked this as a retirement gift for our AVP. This gift is from a team in his department. It was perfect and said exactly what we wanted.

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