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Ken Pomerance

Ken Pomerance grew up in Miami Beach, Florida and bought his first SLR at the age of 10.  By the time he was 13, he had his own darkroom in an air-conditioned shed in the back yard.  He won his first photography contest at 16, even though, as an amateur, his image was mistakenly judged in the professional category.

Photography has always been his passion – he studied with renowned artist Jerry Uelsmann at the University of Florida, graduating with a degree in Broadcasting.  After college, Ken worked in the film industry, primarily as a "still man" and film/video cameraman, and also spending time as a key grip and gaffer.

The 70's were a turbulent time in South Florida, and Ken became hopelessly addicted to drugs and alcohol.  His life spiraled out of control with numerous arrests and significant health issues until November 19, 1982, when he entered a treatment center.  He's been clean and sober ever since that day.

Ken devoted his life to helping and treating others in recovery, so photography became a lower priority. When his mother passed away 3 years ago, his wife Jamie bought him a new camera in an effort to cheer him up -- and he hasn't put it down since.   
Ken's specialty is capturing the beauty and serenity of nature.  His concentration is on macro work, exploring tiny worlds of wonder not even present to the naked eye. He can usually be found in the Everglades during a rainstorm or on the beach at dawn, or stalking butterflies, egrets or alligators throughout South Florida.    

In addition to his photography, Ken is the co-founder of InTheRooms.com, the largest and fastest growing global social networking website, designed specifically for people currently in recovery, those who are seeking help to find recovery and the family, friends and allies of people in recovery around the world.
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