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Robert Beck

That's me there above… On top of the world or as close as I could get when I was south of my teen years. Actually I'm in Denver during a cross-country trip my family took prior to the Beatles U.S. invasion. Dad drove the two tone '59 Ford Galaxie 500, Mom navigated and Sis and I watched the cornfields wiz by from a backseat bigger than most hotels we checked into. We always seemed to be 20 miles from somewhere else. No seatbelts. No airbags. No Seven Elevens. A very simple and humble slice of Americana. I read a lot of comic books, became quite artistic with an Etch-a-Setch and told my sister to "Go Fish" a little over a million times.

My Dad took a lot of pictures on that trip. I don't think I took one. I didn't get the photo bug until my mid twenties. But I've been snappin' a lot of photos since then. First as a staffer for Surfer Magazine where my only job requirement was to go to a beach everyday and make beautiful pictures. Hawaii, Australia, California, Mexico, Brazil, France. How hard was that? Not very.

In 1986, I shot my first assignment for Sports Illustrated, the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii. An Image from that take became a spread in SI and one of Life Magazine's Pictures of the Decade. After the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, SI made me a staffer. I've covered a lot of big events through those years… The Masters, Super Bowls, The World Series, NBA Finals, Olympics, Stanley Cups and so on. But it is the one-on-one stuff I enjoy the most. I have been lucky enough to work with some great people: from Wayne Gretzky to Will Ferrell, from Shaq to Pele.

Working with so many athletes and celebrities is a perk that comes with the territory at SI. I honed my skills shooting action and features. I learned how to provide editors with interesting portraits, usually in a short time frame. Now I'm spreading my wings a bit and working on many new and interesting project, most importantly Successories' Design Your Inspiration.