The Sea Turtle’s Saga: An Inspiring Tale of Determination

Motivational Quote:

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” -Colin Powell

The Sea Turtle’s Saga: An Inspiring Tale of Determination

When you find yourself facing seemingly insurmountable odds, consider the first days in the life of a sea turtle hatchling.

Buried beneath a foot and a half of sand, the sea turtle’s first test of survival is to break out of its shell…with a single temporary tooth. Free of its shell, the newborn must then dig its way through the wet, heavy sand to the surface. Given its size and strength, this exhausting task can take up to a week.

After finally breaking through the sand, the race for survival really begins! In hopes of avoiding any confrontations with natural predators, the young turtle waits to take advantage of the cover of darkness before scrambling toward the shoreline.

Once in the ocean, the newborn swims frantically for almost two days fighting powerful undersea currents over which they have no control before reaching the safety of the unanchored seaweed beds that serve as their homes.

If something smaller than the palm of your hand can do all that within the first week of its life, there’s no stopping you from reaching your goals in difficult circumstances…all it takes is determination and a clear focus.

Watch a baby sea turtle hatching!