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How to Celebrate Memorial Day at Work

Memorial Day is a really big deal in the United States. This holiday weekend gives Americans a chance to relax and show their patriotism in their own unique way. This festive time of year is often considered the start of summer and millions of Americans celebrate it.

Celebrate Memorial Day at Work

It is a great chance for families and friends to come together and celebrate this great nation and the freedom it provides. But if you are also looking for some fun new ways to celebrate national holidays at work, below you will find some great idea that you and your coworkers can try out this year.

Take your staff/co-workers to a local parade

One of the most fun ways to spend Memorial Day is to attend a local parade. It’s a great way get out and be part of the community. Generally, people love parades of any kind. So why not take them to this year’s parade? Some things that you should take along with you are folding chairs, sun screen, cold drinks and don’t forget your flags.

Decorate your office

A great way to show your patriotism is to decorate the office and encourage your employees to decorate their work areas. Flags are always a good idea. You can also decorate your break room with red and blue themed colors for tablecloths, artwork, balloons etc. Also because memorial day is when we pay respects to those soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice, keep in mind that flags should be flying at half staff till noon.

Host an office party with a twist

Host a Memorial Day office party and invite your staff to play “Olympic” style games. There are too many games to list here. But any general office party game can be played on Memorial Day. Playing fun office games is a great way to increase team cohesion and vibe. Give away fake medals for those who win. Everyone will enjoy the party and get some exercise in the process.