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Top 10 Years of Service Awards

Have you recognized your employees for their hard work and service over the years? The years of service that an employee has served your company is something that needs acknowledgement. This fosters goodwill and helps keep them inspired and motivated.

Many businesses recognize years of service in stages that come in periods of 5 years. This means various options are available for both newer and older employees. Succsesories produces different types of service awards:

Brass Medallion

• This is a basic award to recognize an employee’s first five years of service.

• Each medallion has an attractive package.

• Medallion awards can be placed on a shelf or kept in a pocket.

Service Hummingbird Framed Award

• Inspiration and motivation is the purpose of this service award.

• The award is an image of red flowers and a hummingbird.

• This award is framed and has a personalized black brass plate.

Ebony Service Award Plaque

• This ebony service award is a great item to recognize any employee for their years of service.

• The award features a laminated plaque and a large area for a personalized message.

• Every award comes in a ready to present box.

Extraordinary Service Award

• This award is made from 1-inch thick clear Lucite.

• Add an inspirational or motivational message to inspire an award recipient.

• Your own personalized message can also be added.

Service Gem Acrylic Award

• This is a great award to recognize the years of service for any employees of an organization.

• The award is made from beveled jade acrylic that is laser engraved.

• Add a personalized message for a one-of-a-kind award.

Service Hummingbird 3D Crystal Award

• This is a 3-D rendition of a motivation poster.

• The crystal cube of this award is laser engraved.

• Select a LED-light base and a personalized plaque for a unique award.

Gold Cornerstone Reflection Acrylic Award

• This award has a black Lucite base with clear Lucite that is 3/8 of an inch thick.

• Add a motivational or inspirational message to recognize an employee’s years of service.

• A mirror in the base create a gold reflection for this service award.

Accountability Windmill Infinity Edge Acrylic Desktop

• Motivation is the key to an employee’s years of service.

• This acrylic award is a modern design for a motivational award.

• The translucent quality of this award is a great option for any organization.

Service Vivid Award Plaque

• Celebrate any employee’s years of service and any special achievements.

• Choose form a border that is arctic white or ebony.

• Add a personalized message to recognize the achievement of any employee.

Thematic Plaque Service

• Recognize the service achievements of any employee with a vibrant and modern award.

• Add a personalized message for a customized award.

• This award is a laminated wood plaque that is gift boxed.

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