Top 10 Sales Awards

Rewarding sales associates pays off. Because when employees are rewarded, the boost in motivation and overall work performance goes up and that effects your business, your customers and your bottom line.  This type of award can be given at the end of a sales period or the end of the year. A business with its own sales force might want to recognize a special achievement.

Companies that reward their sales associates typically see a boost in employee motivation and improved work performance. This usually means an increase in profits, and this is always good news for a company.

If sales are an important part of the business then it pays to reward these employees, whether it is done once a year or at the end of every quarter. To help businesses recognize the special achievements of their staff, here are the top 10 sales awards from Successories.

Unique Types of Sales Awards

1. Rising Star Acrylic Award

  • Encourage the rising stars of an organization with a special award.
  • The acrylic star is 4 inches tall on a translucent base.
  • This is a great way to make an impression that is long lasting.

2. True Star Acrylic Award

  • The brightest stars of an organization deserve a reward for their efforts.
  • There is a motivational quote on a clear etched panel.
  • This award comes in a gift box and will be ready to present.

3. Unity Crystal Award

  • Sales personnel with boundless energy can be given this award for working as a team.
  • The squares of the award express the gratitude of your organization.

4. Triumph Crystal Award

  • This is a great award to present to any sales associate who has gone the extra mile.
  • Present this award to one or more top performers in your organization.
  • There is a choice of base that is clear, blue, black, or red.

5. Onyx Clock Award

  • This clock award will be a great addition to the desk of any sales associate.
  • There is a large engraving area for a motivational or customized message.
  • The clock face is simple and has a clean appearance.

6. Achievement Is Everything Vase

  • A large engraving area is available to provide a custom message of achievement.
  • This is a great award to any outstanding sales associate.
  • Motivational and inspirational messages can also be added.

7. Flame Glass Award

  • Unique hand-blown piece of art glass.
  • The dramatic colors of the glass flame ensure that this award will stand out.
  • Base can also be personalized with the recipient’s name.

8. Dare To Soar Gunmetal Individual Award Plaque

  • Award employees who are soaring to new heights in your organization.
  • This is a great award to recognize key employees for their achievements.
  • There is a stunning image of an eagle in flight.

Rising Star Medallion Award

  • * Recognize any rising sales associate in your organization.
  • * This award is a great option to promote excellence and achievement.
  • * A choice of medallion will customize this award for any occasion.

Gold Champion Award

  • Make any employee feel like a champ with this award.
  • A choice of medallions are available for a customized award.
  • This is a great option as a formal and fun award for any employee.

Recognize Your Sales Team All Year

Most companies use some type of baseline incentive program to foster additional sales all year long, but let’s face it, business is cyclical. No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll face ups and down, and those business swings often occur at predictable times of year.

Since you know that, if you’re not doing so already, resolve to implement a short-term awards program designed to kick in when business is at its slowest. It’s a great, easy-to-implement additional layer that can help boost sales during times of year when you don’t typically break any records.

Build Heroes on Your Team

We’ve said before that every member of your sales team has his or her unique style, strengths and weaknesses. Some of your salesmen and women are just naturally better at it than others.

Give them the opportunity to shine.

Let them lead by example, showing the less skilled members on your team how it’s done, and reward them for their heroic performance.

Heroes love being recognized for their efforts and sales heroes are no different, so part of this should be the addition of a recognition and rewards program if you don’t have one in place already.

Hand in hand with this though, it’s important to build heroes while respecting every team member’s strengths and weaknesses. The simple truth is that not everyone is or can be a hero, and that’s okay. The strengths of those people should still be recognized, however.

These are the kinds of resolutions you and your team can keep. Even better, keeping them will increase your profits handsomely.