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Top 10 Employee Awards

Recognizing an employee’s service to an organization does not need to be done at set intervals. It can be done anytime you the manager think they deserve it. For example they could have gone above and beyond what they were called to do for a particular project or their work in general.

At Successories we specialize in producing awards, gifts and art of all kinds for the work place. We produce many types of employee rewards that are available to recognize exceptional service. Here, we’ve compiled a list of 10 different awards that can be given to an Employee:

Walnut Service Award Plaque

* A plaque is a great way to recognize employees for their service to an organization.

* The center of the plaque can be engraved to create a customized award.

Service Path Framed Award

* A path well traveled is the best route to integrity and customer engagement.

* This award comes in an aluminum or a wood frame.

* Add and engraved plate for a personalized award.

Service Path Desk Clock

* This desk clock award features the road to exceptional service.

* The two-sided design of this award features a clock and image in one award.

* Add an engraved plate for a uniquely customized award.

Cascade Service Acrylic Award

* Recognize the efforts of employees in your organization with a unique award.

* This award is made from translucent acrylic and is laser engraved.

* Add a personalized message for a customized award.

>Extraordinary Service Award

* This award is made from 1-inch clear Lucite that is free standing.

* Add a motivational or inspirational message for a unique award.

* You own personalized message can also be added.

Catch a Star Service Award

* Recognize the stars of your organization with this service award.

* This award is made from finely crafted acrylic.

* The black base can be accented with a star for inspiration.

Service Path Mini Motivational Poster

* A poster-sized award is a great addition to a home or office.

* The poster measures 11 inches by 14 inches and features the high road to service.

* Frame selections include aluminum, cherry wood, and black satin wood.

Puzzle 3D Presentation Award Plaque

* This is a traditional wood plaque with a 3-D raised symbol.

* The wood features an antique finish for a uniquely crafted award.

* Add a personalized plaque with an inspirational or motivational message.

Blue Diamond Reflection Acrylic Award

* This award has a black Lucite base and a blue mirror for an elegant look.

* Add an inspirational or motivational message that will inspire your employees

* Your own message can also be added for a one-of-a-kind award.

Marble Column Award

* This design of this award is a marble column.

* Recognize any highly-valued employee with this exquisite award.

* The large engraving area can be used for a personalized message.

See our entire selection of employee awards at Successories.com.