Top 5 Employee Anniversary Gifts

For many managers, the notion of celebrating employee anniversaries can seem a little frivolous. It is not easy to keep up with these kind of milestones, especially if you already lead an extremely busy corporate life. Yet, there is no reason why all of the work has to fall to a manager.

In fact, most find it more effective to put a department head in charge of making sure that anniversaries are marked with a memento. The bottom line is that by employee anniversaries as an achievement, you are fostering an atmosphere of progression and togetherness.

The following five gifts are great ideas for employee anniversaries.

  1. Teamwork Gift Set

This Teamwork Gift Set contains a spinning pen holder, with motivational slogans that rotate around its surface. The outer is split into movable sections, so that each slogan can be mixed and match to suit your mood. It also comes with a series of six ‘Teamwork’ click top pens. Its most innovative feature is a magnetic paper grip base, complete with eight metal paper grip figures.

  1. The Dash (Revised Edition)

The Dash, by Linda Ellis, started life as a short motivational poem about the meaning of life. Now, it has been transformed into an inspirational gift book, featuring an additional nine poems from Mac Anderson, the head of leading employee incentive company Successories. The ‘dash’ refers to the belief that it does not matter how you started out, because it is the journey that counts. This wonderful book can be made even more attractive with the addition of a customized dust jacket.

  1. Marquis by Waterford Pen

This beautifully designed pen features finely crafted gold plate accents, a robust barrel body, and a sturdy nib. It comes tucked into a wooden lacquer case, with a quilted interior, and a fabric strap for secure containment. The case comes with the following engraving, “Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical, and expecting more than others think is possible.”

  1. Onyx Clock Award

There are few better anniversary gifts than this innovative Onyx Clock Award. It is defined by a contemporary minimalist clock face, and two bold black supporting columns. With a delicate blend of shades and textures, this valuable memento is truly a modern classic, and offers the perfect gift idea for employees celebrating a long life at your company. The clock has an empty front, which can be filled with a personal engraving.

  1. Celebration Vase

If you want to show an employee how much they mean to the company, give them this finely crafted Celebration Vase. It features a blank front, so that a motivational engraving or a message of thanks can be added. It has a clean and minimalist design, with a chunky bottom base and a delicately tapered top. This is an ideal memento for employees who are toasting hopes for a bright future as part of your business.

For more anniversary gift ideas, and further advice on how to motivate employees, visit Successories today. There is no better gift than the gift of thanks, so say thank you with beautifully designed tokens, mementos, and keepsakes.