11 Creative Ways to Reward Employees

Showing employees that their hard work is appreciated can have lasting positive effects on the business. Efficiency and productivity increase, along with profits and job satisfaction. If you are wondering how you can recognize your employees’ efforts here are 11 creative ways to help you get started.

  1. Let employees reward each other.

Sometimes employees know best who deserves to be recognized, and many businesses are allowing workers to choose the recipient and the gift. This also helps employees feel like their opinion matters and can even prevent feelings of favoritism. Simple things like the Thanks for All You Do drink tumbler and other items from Successories make great gifts for employees to reward each other with.

  1. Spend time with employees.

When management spends time with employees not only do they feel appreciated it can also help improve communication. This can include a coffee break or even lunch outing.

  1. Give employees a place to share.

A company newsletter or regular email can help improve communication between individual departments it is also a great way to recognize outstanding achievements and hard work. It also gives employees a chance to share stories and information, which can improve overall teamwork.

  1. Allow employees to make company decisions.

Businesses that listen to their employees suggestions and take their advice concerning some important decisions are generally more successful. Allowing employees to make some decisions that will affect the company not only shows that they are a valued, but that their opinions matter.

  1. Small surprises can have a big impact.

Small gifts like the Thanks for All You Do soup mug and spoon from Successories are a great way to surprise an employee and show appreciation. Surprise outings and even a short workday can also show recognition, and have the added benefit of improving company morale.

  1. Try to make praise specific.

To reinforce the positive behavior it is important to make sure that the praise given is specific to the action. This can also provide extra motivation for employees to continue to improve their performance.

  1. Praise employees in public.

When employees are publically praised it not only shows that they are appreciated, it can also motivate others and boost company morale.

  1. Reward employees with additional time off.

One of the best ways to reward an employee for an exceptional performance is to surprise them with some time off. An extra day to add to the weekend shows that their efforts are noticed and appreciated, and gives them some extra time to relax and rejuvenate.

  1. Keep employees informed.

While there will be some business decisions that can’t be readily discussed, employees can be kept informed of most activities. Rewarding employees with trust can improve company loyalty, and make them feel like they are respected and valued members of the team.

  1. Encourage employee growth.

Encouraging employee growth lets them know that you believe in their abilities, and helps inspire them to continue to improve their performance.

  1. Leave the office.

Scheduling fun activities outside of the office is a great way to show appreciation, reward employees, and give everyone a chance to relax. A fun outing can also improve teamwork, which leads to improved productivity at work.