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April 24 Is Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professionals Day is April 24th this year. Traditionally it is always celebrated on the Wednesday that falls during the last full week of the month, and it is a chance for businesses to recognize the hard work administrative assistants do on a regular basis.

Flowers, cards and lunches are commonly given, though some companies also honor its administrative professionals with plaques or other personalize gifts. While it is not an official holiday, Administrative Professionals Day is something that every company should celebrate.

Started in 1952 by the creative efforts of Harry F. Klemfuss, a skilled public relations expert at Young and Rubicam who recognized the importance of secretaries, he engineered the holiday as a way to attract more women to the workplace. The holiday may have been renamed over the years to reflect changes in society, but its overall message remains the same.

National Administrative Professionals Day is a time to thank the people who keep the business running smoothly. Even though small gifts given at the desk are appropriate some companies would like to do a little more and here are a few ideas to help business celebrate the administrative professionals they employee.

Tips for Celebrating Administrative Professionals Day

1. Treat them to lunch.

One way to let administrative professionals know that they are appreciated is to take them out to lunch during the workday. The personal attention they get during lunch ensures that they know their hard work is noticed, and it also gives them a chance to relax and unwind. Scheduling the lunch during office hours not only makes the occasion feel little more special, and it also prevents the office from intruding on their personal time. The goal of the day is to make them feel appreciated, not give them something else to add to their already busy schedules.

2. Give them a small gift to show the company’s appreciation.

There is nothing wrong with giving an administrative professional beautifully arranged flowers or a personal “thank you” card, but there are other administrative professional gifts that can show appreciation without costing the business a lot of money. Small plaques, tumblers and even notebooks can be engraved or otherwise personalized, and a thoughtful gift can also show that the company recognizes the effort they put forth. There are also functional gifts that can make the administrative professional’s job a little easier, and often many of these items can also be personalized with the company name or logo.

3. Have a company celebration.

Some larger companies have several administrative professionals, and even smaller businesses that only employ one or two, often find it easier to have a celebration during the day at work. Not only does this give everyone an opportunity to be involved and say their own personal “thank you”, it also gives employees a chance to relax and unwind. A small buffet style lunch catered in is a nice touch, and this is also the perfect time to award the administrative professional with a small gift. The most important thing to remember is not the size or expense of the celebration, only that the administrative professional feels recognized and appreciated.