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Why Celebrate January 27th? Because it’s Fun at Work Day!

Some managers and business owners might look at National Fun at Work Day as frivolous, and a waste of time that could be better spent working but studies have shown that there are actually benefits associated with letting employees blow off some steam that will more than make up for the lost time staff could’ve spent working.

Most employees find that they spend the majority of their time at work. Whether it is the busy season, deadlines that must be met, or any number of other reasons the majority of paid personnel often find that they spend more time with their co-workers than their families. Over time this can lead to loss of job satisfaction, productivity, and eventually a decrease in company profits. This can be easily prevented if companies allowed for a little more fun at work. The perfect time for businesses to allow employees to relax and blow off some steam is National “Fun At Work Day”. This unofficial holiday might be the perfect time for businesses to take advantages of some of the benefits that can come with employees that are happy to be at work.

When employees are having fun together it can break down barriers and encourage teamwork. It can create a workplace atmosphere that is safe, comfortable and enjoyable, and this translates into improved productivity. Studies have also shown that having fun together can also improve trust between employees, and this is beneficial for everyone.

Happy employees work harder for themselves and the company, and this is something that every business owner can appreciate. A recent study even found that up to 88 percent of millennials want a work environment that is fun, and encourages socialization among employees. Even though not all employees have the same idea of what is “fun”, it is still an inexpensive way to boost productivity and inspire company loyalty.

This National “Fun At Work Day” here are a few ideas that employers and employees might want to try out.

  • Have employees ask each other what superpower they would like to have. Their answers will not only bring laughs, it is a good way to break the ice and encourage teamwork.
  • Managers and team leaders can give “high fives” to employees for anything from smiling to simply showing up to work on time.
  • Leave a beach ball sitting in the break room and see what happens.
  • Create a hopscotch board on the floor before the rest of the staff shows up to work.
  • Start the day’s meeting off with an employee’s favorite song. This is also a good way for management to show their appreciation.

These are simple ways management and employees can celebrate “Fun At Work Day”, and the future benefits are well worth the short amount of time staff is playing instead of working.



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