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How To Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Trying to keep up with a long list of New Year’s resolutions is a daunting task that most people simply give up on. Failed resolutions combined with the post-holiday slump can make the last few weeks of winter seem hopelessly long and dreary. This isn’t saying that New Year’s resolutions aren’t important, only that if you want them to stick they need to be realistically attainable. Here are a few tips on how to make this year’s resolutions stick with you.

Start off small

Making resolutions that you can actually see yourself keeping is one of the best ways to ensure your success. If you want to work out more aim for two or three times a week, not all seven days. Setting a goal to eat healthier instead of trying to adhere to a strict diet generally improves your chances of sticking with your resolution.

Work on changing one behavior at a time

It is important to remember that it took to for your unhealthy behaviors to develop, and it is unrealistic to expect to be able to change all of them in a few short months. Start with one and replace it with a healthy behavior to improve your chances of success.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your resolution

Having a strong support group in place can be key to sticking with your New Year’s resolution. Whether it is talking about your experiences with friends and family or accepting professional help, it is important that there is someone available that understands what you are going through. One of the most common reasons people fail to keep some resolutions is that they lacked support and encouragement.

Try not to be too hard on yourself

Hopefully your New Year’s resolution didn’t include being perfect since that really is impossible. If you have a few slipups along the way towards reaching your goal, it is important to remember that this is normal and okay. It is certainly not a reason to give up on the resolution. Simply keep trying and eventually you really will succeed.

Ask for help and support

Chances are you have plenty of friends and family around that are more than willing to provide you with plenty of help and support, and taking advantage of this can be crucial if you want to meet your goals. Having someone that provides unconditional support can give you the strength you need to stick with the resolution, even when you think that it is simply too tough. If the stress becomes too much, there are plenty of licensed health care specialists who can provide the help and support you might need.

By following these simple tips this might be the year that you actually stick with your New Year’s resolution.

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