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Successories List Of Recommended Gifts For February 2017

February is good time to recognize exceptional employees as this shorter month often brings cold, dreary weather that can make even the best team members feel uninspired and unmotivated.

Showing your appreciation during this month is a great way to boost company moral, while also ensuring that employees know that they are a valuable part of the team. Here are a few gift ideas from Successories to help boost spirits and show employees that they are appreciated.

  1. Red Appreciation Soup Mug & Spoon

Help your hard working staff stay warm during the cold weather and show your appreciation with this thoughtful gift. The 12oz soup bowl is microwave and dishwasher safe, along with the matching red spoon. The front of the bowl is printed with a message that ensures a well deserving employee knows that they make a difference at work.

  1. Thanks for All You Do Leatherette Tumbler

Attractive and functional, this 16oz tumbler is perfect anytime of the year. The tumbler is insulated to keep drinks hot or cold, and the leatherette wrap can be removed for easy cleaning. The front of the cup is embossed with a heartfelt message of thanks ensuring that the recipient knows that their efforts are appreciated.

  1. Walk The Talk Penguin Stress Reliever

Remind employees that the cold weather can be fun and show appreciation with this adorable squeezable penguin. It looks cute sitting on any desk, and is bound to bring a smile even when it is cold and dreary outside. The inspirational message will keep employees motivated. Since the penguin is squeezable it is also a great way to help relieve stress.

  1. Conversation Hearts Treat Card

Get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day at work with this fun and thoughtful reward. Everyone likes to receive a Valentine, and this is the perfect way to show appreciation. The box and card come with matching motivational messages, and no one can resist these traditional Valentine’s Day candies.

  1. Thanks for All You Do 14oz Barrel Mug

This creatively design mug is perfect for holding hot beverages, and showing employees appreciation. The white ceramic mug comes with a message of thanks on the front, along with a matching paint splatter style lid. The unique lid also doubles as a convenient coaster.

  1. Cherry Blossoms Snow Globe

Remind employees that spring is coming and add some soft color to their workspace with this thoughtful reward. The snow globe contains a miniature garden scene with two cherry trees in bloom. The black base gives it an elegant touch, and the front plate can be engraved with the recipient’s name and position.

  1. Week View: Productivity Pad

This attractive notepad will help keep hard working staff organized and motivated, even during drab winter days. It is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and add a touch of color to the work space. With the ability to write their tasks and goals for the week down, employees will find it easy to stay motivated and productive.

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