How To Choose A Retirement Gift

As more and more baby boomers are reaching their mid-sixties businesses are seeing an increase in retirement parties, and it is important that they recognize this milestone in their employee’ lives. Not only is it proper business etiquette, it also show remaining staff that their bosses and managers care.

Finding the Right Retirement Gift

Retirement is a time for people to celebrate, now that they are starting another chapter of their lives – a big change! Many organizations have parties planned as low-key events where people have the opportunity to present different types of gifts. Maybe you’re looking for a gift for your retiring coworker but are stumped for ideas? Here are a few tips on how to choose an appropriate retirement gift for a valued employee.

Group gifts

In some cases it might be appropriate for employees to purchase a retirement gift together, especially if they don’t have a particularly close relationship with the retiree. This can also make the gift more affordable. One idea for a group gift is a Thank You Book. It can even be personalized with the recipient’s name to give it special meaning.

Think about Their Hobbies

If the retiree has a hobby a gift relating to it can be a thoughtful way to say “good-bye”. This Personalized Crystal Wine Cradle has a unique design that looks elegant sitting on any table or counter. It is the perfect gift for any wine collector and when it is engraved with their name and number of years ,it ensures that the recipient fondly remembers their time at the company.

Ask the Spouse

When companies are trying to find the perfect retirement gift a great source of information is almost always the spouse. They know the likes, interests and hobbies of the retiree. For example if the employee thinks that they are a “backyard chef an 18 Piece Steel BBQ Set might make the perfect gift. Make sure that it is attractively presented in a personalized case to give the reward added meaning.

Be Creative

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to giving a retirement gift. It can often give the reward added meaning to the retiree. This Personalized Gear Clock Award is a fun, attractive and functional gift that is different from all of the rest. The sturdy base can also be personalized to remind retirees of their accomplishments.

It’s Okay to Think Small

It’s not the size of the gift but the thought behind that counts and it doesn’t have to be lavish or expensive to let retiring employees know that they will be missed. A Personalized iPhone Stand is a cost effective way to show appreciation, while also being a reward the retiree can actually use. Just make sure that it is engraved with their name or a brief message of thanks.

Gifts can be Sentimental

When a longtime employee is finally retiring it can be an emotional occasion for everyone in the company. This is especially true for smaller businesses where the staff often functions like family. In these instances it might be more appropriate to present the retiree with a sentimental gift.

This Landscape Curved Jade Glass Picture Frame makes an elegant and thoughtful gift. It also looks great sitting on any desk or shelf. The frame can be engraved with a personal message and photos of the recipient with co-workers can be placed inside.

If your coworker or one of your employees is getting ready to retire, don’t wait until the last minute to find the perfect retirement gifts. Order online at or call the company at 1-800-535-2773 to order their special gift today.