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Gift Ideas For Administrative Professionals

Administrative Professionals Day is April 27th. It is the perfect time for companies to thank their hard-working administrative personnel with a small token of their appreciation. Taking the time to reward staff for their service during the year not only shows recognition, but also respect for their achievements. Here are a few gift ideas for the administrative professionals at work from Successories.

  1. Excellence Eagle Leather Padfolio

Any executive will be proud to carry this handsome padfolio around. Bound in black leather with a silver debossed motivational message on front, it will inspire them to continue to strive for excellence every time they use it. The interior boasts a pocket for holding documents, along with places for keeping business cards organized. It is the perfect reward for any busy professional always on the go.

  1. Thanks for All You Do Power Bank

One thing all administrative professionals fear is being out of touch, but that won’t be a problem once they are presented with this award. This portable power bank will keep their compatible smart phones and iPads fully charged, and best of all they can easily take it with them wherever they go. With the heartfelt phrase “Thanks for all you do” printed on the front, they will always know that they are respected and appreciated.

  1. Wood Personalized Touch Cube Clock

This unique gift is ideal for any administrative professional that is always coming up with new and creative ideas. The sleek wood cube makes an interesting conversation piece on a desk or shelf. When fingers are snapped or it is touched LED lights will instantly display the time, date and temperature, turning it from an ordinary block to a fun clock. After a few seconds, it will return to its previously blank slate.

  1. Thanks for All You Do Motivational 5-Piece Gift Set

It is impossible for anyone to not feel appreciated after receiving this 5-piece motivational gift set. It comes with an insulated cooler, along with matching LED flashlight, pen, spiral notebook and straw tumbler. To ensure that the recipient knows that their hard work is recognized, the phrase “Thanks for all you do” is emblazoned on the gift set.

  1. Making a Difference Tech Accessories Kit

It is easy to say “Thank you” to a tech savvy administrative professionals, and let them know that they are making a difference with this handy award. This kit comes with 7 tech accessories no successful professional should be without. The gear is conveniently stored in a small metal case that is easily portable. The front of the case is printed with an inspirational phrase that will remind employees that they are valued and respected.

  1. Thanks For Being Awesome Candy Tube

Colorful and delicious, this reward will bring a smile to anyone’s face. The plastic tube comes with a message of thanks on the front, and filled with bright colored jellybeans. It’s a fun and inexpensive way for companies to show their appreciation for their administrative staff.


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