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Spring Cleaning Office Culture

Have you ‘spring cleaned’ your office culture yet?

Ah, spring – that wonderful time of year when you shake out the carpets, get rid of all the stuff collecting dust in your closet and open the windows to let in the fresh air.

But wait … does something still smell a little stale after all that dusting and sweeping? Instead of the sweet sound of birds singing, are you hearing stress-filled sighs and murmurs of discontent?

Then you’ve missed spring-cleaning one very crucial space – the work culture at your company.

The season of new beginnings is the perfect time take a fresh look at company culture and toss out what isn’t working to make way for what does. It’s also a time to lighten up a little bit, and leave behind the stresses and pressures of past months. After all, many studies have shown positivity in the workplace to be a key driver of employee loyalty, engagement and productivity, so adding some levity to your workplace can pay dividends.

So, pull on your rubber gloves and get started spring-cleaning your work culture. Not sure where to begin? Let our checklist guide you – after ticking off every box, you’ll be able to step back and admire a sparkling-new office culture primed for success.

Your Work Culture Spring-Cleaning Checklist:

1. Use some elbow grease on persistent problems.

Every workplace has long-standing issues that can seep into its metaphorical carpet, hurting morale and tainting employees’ – and clients’ – perception of the company. You don’t have to accept that you’ll stare at these unsightly spots forever, however – some elbow grease will get even the most stubborn ones out. Brainstorm tangible steps you can take to alleviate the root causes of these persistent problems, and then roll out an action plan for finally solving them.

2. Get rid of the clutter.

Every company culture has “clutter” that has accumulated over the last year, whether that’s a work-from-home policy change that was never fully fleshed out or confusion about responsibilities after a restructuring. Clear it up to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

3. Spruce up the space with recognition and praise.

Once you’ve cleared out the clutter, create a space for success by freely decorating your work culture with employee recognition and praise. Revamp your employee recognition program – or start one if you don’t have one – but don’t limit sharing gratitude to set times. Instead, make it a habit to compliment and thank employees for a job well done spontaneously and in the moment – these straight-from-the-heart acts of recognition have a big impact.

4. Stockpile gifts.

Every high-performing company needs ample stores of office supplies – but not just plain-old pens and paper. Fill the supplies closet with motivational gifts and rewards, unique desk accessories, candy, stress relievers and framed awards. By keeping these items on hand at all times, you can create an office culture of fun and positivity.

Spring-cleaning your work culture can help ensure that your employees are happy and engaged. We have an exciting collection of gifts and accessories to inspire, motivate and recognize your employees, and we’re ready to help you make your office shine.

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