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10 Frightening Facts About Stress

Stress can not only interfere with productivity at work, it can also adversely affect your employees’ health. Employers that are looking to prevent or relieve workplace stress can find 10 effective ways here. Some might be familiar, but it is important to remember that even slight changes can produce big results. So don’t forget to encourage employees to take lunch breaks or consider keeping a stress reliever on their desk.

10 Frightening Facts About Stress

  1. Did you know that 76 percent of employees cite work as the main cause for their elevated levels of stress?
  2. It costs employers on average $300B per year in health care and missed work due to employee stress.
  3. Unhappy workers are less motivated than those that are satisfied with their jobs, and this can lead to a 10 percent drop in productivity.
  4. 54 percent blame stress as the reason they are arguing with people closest to them.
  5. Stress causes physical symptoms in 77 percent of employees that had high levels of tension.
  6. 73 percent of those with high stress levels also reported psychological symptoms.
  7. 48 percent of employees surveyed reported that stress was interfering with their sleep.
  8. A surprising 33 percent stated that they felt like they were under extreme stress.
  9. Worldwide, it is reported that 87 percent of employees are disconnected emotionally from their jobs, and this generally results in a loss of productivity.
  10. 60 percent of employees want to quit their current jobs due to stress and extreme unhappiness.

What can employers do about high levels of stress among employees?

There are several ways employers can reduce stress levels at work, improve employee job satisfaction and boost productivity. Taking the time to compliment a staff member on an outstanding performance is one easy way bosses can relieve stress and show appreciation at the same time. Some other ways businesses can help their personnel live healthier, stress free lives include,

  • Use a stress ball
  • Take time to eat away from the desk during lunch.
  • Volunteering can reduce stress and give employees a sense of purpose.
  • Encourage employees to get some fresh air on their breaks.
  • Say “good morning” to employees to build a sense of teamwork and acknowledgement.
  • Use music and other soothing sounds to improve employee focus and concentration.
  • Don’t be afraid to smile at a co-worker.
  • Employers and staff should come to work well rested.
  • Meditation has shown to relieve stress and improve focus.
  • Eating a healthy breakfast can improve productivity and concentration.
  • Mentor a recent employ.

Stress can lead to workplace burnout, and health problems. It is important to remember this, and strive to keep work a stress free environment that is pleasant to be in. Successories also encourages building positive behaviors in the workplace, and they have the tools businesses need to help themselves and their employees succeed. Ignoring stress at work will only lead to problems, while finding effective ways to deal with will make a difference in moral and productivity.



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