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Top 5 Ideas For Staff Celebrations

Your staff is dedicated, hard-working and fun to be around. You simply think they’re the best. Have you told this lately?

You don’t have to wait until there is an official holiday to show your staff some appreciation. Not every business can take advantage of National Nurses or Teacher Appreciation Week, so why not create your own unofficial holiday at work. This works best when you have something small planned every day of that week to ensure every employee will be able to participate at least once. This is especially important in companies where employees often work different shifts.

Day 1 – Start the week off with an appropriate theme.

Make sure that your employee celebration week has a theme, this will make the event more memorable and fun. The gifts, rewards and decorations should all be centered around your theme. For great theme ideas visit the Successories website.

Day 2 – Show your appreciation with a small gift.

Show your team that you think they’re the best with a fun gift like squeezable stress relievers or silly bendy pens. You want the reward to make them smile, and ensure that they know that they are an important part of the team.

Day 3 – Set up snacks or treats for employees.

Keep employees motivated throughout the week and the celebratory feeling going by providing snacks in the break room or office. You can keep the snacks healthy if that is part of your company’s culture, or treat everyone at work to some delicious sweets. Decorating the area will also add to the festive atmosphere.

Day 4 – Award the outstanding members of your staff.

You can organize a small ceremony for team members that have consistently gone above and beyond during office hours. The short break will be welcomed by everyone on your staff, and it is the perfect opportunity to present employees with a stylish lapel pin or elegant recognition medallion. These thoughtful rewards not only show your appreciation, they can also inspire and motivate others on the team.

Day 5 – Host a fun lunch for employees.

On the last day of your employee appreciation week have lunch catered in or organize a potluck meal. Not only will the extended lunch break give hard-working employees a chance to relax, it also provides them with an opportunity to mingle together. This can have the added benefit of helping to improve teamwork.

These are just a few ways that you can show your staff that you think that they’re the absolute best. If you need some more ideas on fun themes that you can use at work, here are a few more ideas.

  • Have a “rock star” theme since you already think your employees are stars. It is a fun way to provide them with plenty of praise.
  • International themes are an excellent way to bring team members together.
  • Encourage teamwork with sports based themes, incorporating fun games and contests.
  • A Hollywood theme is a great way to show employees red carpet treatment.



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