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How To Make Mid-Year Reviews Something Employees Want To Read

Mid-year reviews are rarely enjoyable, for managers or employees. Even though everyone wants to receive a perfect review, the thought of having their work performance graded can be scary. After all, almost everyone has at least one or two areas that need improvement. If you want to make your mid-year reviews something employees want to read, here are a few tips to make them a little more pleasant for everyone.

  1. Your employees should know what to expect during a review, this is especially important if it’s their first one. You don’t want an employee to feel uncomfortable or become defensive, this could cause them to ignore the overall point of the review. The goal of a mid-year review is to help them become better employees, not make them feel like they are being singled out.
  2. Discussing the review in a setting other than the office will help employees relax. Taking them out for lunch will not only show your appreciation, it can also make it easier for them to open up and share their honest opinions about the review and their job. You might even learn something that can improve your own performance and working relationships with employees.
  3. Any feedback that you include in the review should be constructive. It should help them improve their performance at work, not demean them. You also do not want to set unobtainable goals since this only results in poor morale and frustration. When there is constructive criticism in an employee review, try to include some positive feedback as well. It will show employees that you’re not always concentrating on the negative, and make the review something they are a little more eager to read.
  4. During the mid-rear review you want to give employees something to be excited about. Discussing their future career goals with the company is an effective way to make the review less frightening, while also getting to know a little more about the employee. If their work warrants it, and you’ve seen them make progress talk to them about opportunities that might open in the following years. Knowing that they have a potential future with the company can motivate employees to apply the feedback in their reviews to the areas that need improvement.
  5. The most important tip is to make mid-year reviews fun. If you take employees to lunch, the entire time doesn’t have to be spent discussing business. Creating a bond with your staff is just as important as discussing areas they need to improve, and it might even make the review something that they start to look forward to.

When you are getting ready for mid-year reviews, remember that everyone deals with feedback differently. This means that you might have to tailor how you present the review to some employees differently. If you remember to have fun, while also being productive, both you and your staff will stop dreading the mid-year reviews and start using them to improve everyone’s performance at work.



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