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Top Ideas For Outdoor Corporate Events This Summer

This summer take advantage of the warm weather and hold your next corporate event outside. It’ll will be a welcome change from the indoor meetings that are typically held in the winter. Getting out in the fresh air is also good for company morale, and it opens up several new venues that might be ideal for your next corporate event.

Here are some of the top ideas for outdoor corporate events this summer.

  1. Public Parks

Public parks are great places to hold corporate events in the summer, and most are free for anyone to use. Holding a potluck picnic or barbeque can help co-workers relax and build friendships, and there are usually plenty of activities to enjoy. You can organize a nature walk and some parks have areas set aside for bird-watching or even frisbee golf.

  1. Sporting Events

Some companies reward their corporate staff with tickets to a sporting event or sponsor them in a charity walk or run. Another option is to create teams within the company. This not only builds teamworking skills, but also encourages a little friendly competition. The fresh air and exercise can even have the added benefit of helping promote a healthier lifestyle at work.

  1. Scavenger Hunts

You can have a scavenger hunt almost anywhere there is plenty of space, including on company grounds. Employees can be divided up into small groups or hunt for each item by themselves. The goal of this event is to let employees relax and have fun with their co-workers. Trying to solve each clue can also encourage staff to “think outside of the box”, and this can make them better equipped to resolve problems on their own at work.

  1. Golf Tournament

One of the most popular corporate events is a golf tournament. It is the ideal place for corporate staff to exchange ideas, and get to know each other outside of work. Whether it is a full 18 holes or only 9, your staff will feel like they are appreciated when they are treated to some time on the course. Some golf courses are even open to the public free of charge, make this an affordable corporate event.

  1. Outdoor Concerts

Many communities hold outdoor concerts during the summertime. Not only can businesses show their support for their community by attending, it is an excellent way to treat employees and get them socializing outside of the office. Plan a potluck meal before the concert and he combination of music, food and fresh air will have staff feeling like family. This can have the added benefit of improving motivation and productivity at work.

Corporate events are a time for managers and staff to exchange ideas and relax, and the summer presents several unique opportunities. Whether the company springs for tickets to a major sporting event or gives staff the day off for a picnic in the park, the important message corporate staff should get is that they and their efforts are appreciated.

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