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Employees Love Office Supplies

If you want your staff to perform at their best, they need the right tools. Not only will this boost productivity, it also makes for a more pleasant work environment.

Ensuring that employees have the office supplies they need is a simple step that is often overlooked by management. Successories makes it easy for bosses to find the right office supplies, from pens and notepads to binders and clips.

Give your employees office supplies that they will love, and watch productivity noticeably improve.

  1. Teamwork Magnetic Clip Holder

Keep employees organized and help them relieve stress with these colorful metal clips. The metal base comes with a strong magnet so staff can arrange the clips in creative combinations, when their not being used. With the phrase “It takes Teamwork” printed on the front, it also encourages staff to work together.

  1. Thanks For Being Awesome Handy Highlighter Set

Show your appreciation for a “job well done” and give employees an office supply that they’ll love to use. The base makes up the palm of a hand, while the 5 bright colored highlighters form the fingers. Every time they use this set, they know that their efforts are appreciated.

  1. Excellence Eagle Leather Portfolio

Reward exceptional employees with this stylish leather padfolio, and help them stay organized. Debossed with an inspirational message in silver, it can also motivate them to continue to do their best. The interior features pockets for documents and business cards so everything they need to succeed at their job is at their fingertips.

  1. Positive Spin Cup

Ensure that staff always has a pen handy with this motivational spin cup. It’s black and gold design looks great on any desk, while also providing inspiration.

The gold band at the top reminds employees to stay positive, while the three moveable ones can create over 70 motivational messages. Whether you want to show appreciation or simply motivate your staff, this is a gift that they will love.

  1. Excellence Pen

When an employee goes above and beyond, they deserve to be rewarded. This office supply ensures that they know they are appreciated. The ink pen boasts chrome accents and the word “excellence” printed on it, to match the sleek metal case.

The silver colored case comes with a motivational phrase so employees are always reminded to strive for excellence.

  1. Thanks for All You Do Paperclip Dude

This fun desktop accessory is the perfect way to help employees stay organized, while also keeping them motivated. Its happy face is sure to bring a smile to your staffs’ face, and remind them that they are appreciated. The phrase “Thanks for all you do” is printed on the back, and the dude’s open mouth is the perfect place to hold the included colorful paperclips.


Successories makes it easy for you to find the office supplies that your employees will love, while also inspiring them to continue to do their best. When it’s time to show staff your appreciation, give them a reward that is functional and motivates them to succeed.

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