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6 Tips On Making Employees Feel Special On Labor Day


Labor day is coming up soon, but did you know its origins? Declared a national holiday by congress in 1894, it celebrates workers economical and social contributions. First observed in New York, Labor Day is now celebrated across the United States. Government offices and public schools are closed, along with many businesses.

Regardless of whether your company is open or not on this holiday, it is still important to acknowledge your employees’ efforts. Here are 6 simple tips on how you can make your employees feel special this Labor Day.

  1. Surprise them with a Party.

You can’t go wrong with a party on Labor Day. Even if your business is closed on the official holiday, you can still gather employees together. Take the day before the start of the holiday weekend to put together a picnic or BBQ. You can even arrange a potluck, and have each employee responsible for bringing something. Labor Day also signals the official end of summer, which gives you one more reason to celebrate.

  1. Supply free food.

If it’s not possible to have an employee party, you can still celebrate the holiday with food. Having lunch catered in for staff will still effectively show your appreciation. If catering lunch isn’t in the budget, providing fresh muffins or other snacks will still get your message of thanks across. It doesn’t have to be expensive for employees to know that their efforts are recognized and appreciated.

  1. Give awards.

Handing out employee awards can be an effective way to show your appreciation. Having staff nominate each other will get everyone involved, and promote teamwork. Small trophies, medallions, certificates and lapel pins are inexpensive gifts that will make the recipients feel valued and appreciated.

  1. Consider Bonuses.

This might not be in the budget for every company, but if it is bonuses can serve two purposes. Whether it is an extra paid day off or a gift card employees will not only feel appreciated, they will also be motivated. If you can’t provide monetary bonuses, consider letting top performing employees leave early one day during the work week.

  1. Give employees personal praise.

It’s easy to send an email or have HR compliment an employee with an automated phone call, but this lacks a personal touch. If you really want well-deserving staff members to feel appreciated, thank them in person or with a handwritten note. It only takes a few minutes, and the increased loyalty and productivity makes it well worth your time.

  1. Have a flexible schedule.

Typically a three day weekend, consider having a more flexible schedule. Allowing employees to leave work early, can be one of the most effective ways to show them that they are appreciated. This combined with the holiday weekend can leave them refreshed and ready to give you their best performance when they return to work.

Celebrating this Labor Day with your employees doesn’t have to cost a lot or money. The most important thing is to let your staff know that they are a valued part of the team.

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