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Check out Our latest Greeting Cards!

People use different kinds of greeting cards for all sorts of different occasions. We believe that cards of all sizes, shapes and varieties can be used to encourage people to do their best or to say thank you for a job well done. By the same token, they are frequently used as wall art in order to serve as daily inspiration, especially when it comes to the larger designs. Below are six of our business greeting card designs, along with links that are tied directly to each product.

Corporate Impressions Card Sampler

This is an item that can be purchased in either 24 or 48 card packs. While they offer beautiful pictures and inspiring messages on the exterior of the card, the inside is left blank so that the card can be completely personalized. This product serves as a perfect example to keep employees motivated and keep things running smoothly.


Thank You Card Sampler

Who doesn’t like to be thanked for a job well done from time to time? The truth of the matter is that by sending a simple thank you card, you are letting your staff know that you appreciate all of the hard work and time they put in doing right by you and your business. This product can be purchased in a pack of either 25 or 36 cards, featuring stunningly beautiful thank you cards that have profound messages on the front and are blank inside for personalization.


Infinity Edge Card Sampler

This is another take on our vastly popular Corporate Impressions cards, only with a slightly different twist. Just as the name implies, the stunning pictures on the front go directly from one edge to the other, with no border whatsoever. It may be an inspirational card, but it looks more like a high-quality poster that can be proudly displayed on any wall. These cards come in packs of either 24 or 48, depending on your needs.


Happy Birthday Card Sampler

Telling someone happy birthday lets them know you really care. In this 36 card pack, you have the chance to do exactly that. You can choose from several different designs for the front of the card and all of the cards are blank inside so that you can personalize it in order to fit that one particular individual that is having a special day.


Essense of Card Sampler

These cards, which come in packs of 24 or 48, look more like posters than anything else. They are made of exceptionally heavy cardstock and are large enough to be framed and hung on the wall. Like so many of our products, they come with outstanding pictures and profound messages that can provide you with a daily ounce of inspiration when you seem to need it most.


Thank You Little Note Cards

In this box of 30 cards, you get what initially looks like a set of beautiful business cards with stunningly gorgeous exterior designs. However, open the card and you see messages of inspiration. It is the perfect way to both promote your business and give someone a personal boost for the day.


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