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Six Retirement Gifts For Your Employees or Co-Workers

It can be bittersweet when one of your best employees retires, but it is definitely an occasion you will want to celebrate, for their sake. At Successories, we have a wide array of different gifts that can be used to help you celebrate all the hard work that special someone has put in over the years. Below are six of the most popular options along with the corresponding links to purchase each one.

1) Celebration Vase

This is a unique and quite beautiful crystal vase that can be inscribed with a customized message just for that special employee. It provides you with the chance to give your retiring employee an award that they can treasure forever.


2) Rosewood Interactive Gear Clock Personalized Desk Clock

This is the perfect gift for anyone that really enjoys having something a little bit different. The gears are easily visible, so your employee can watch the clock do its thing whenever he or she feels like it. It also features a beautiful wood finish with gold accents and can have a small plaque affixed to it so it can be customized.


3) Thanks for All You Do Leatherette Tumbler

This is a great gift for anyone who is retiring and loves to drink coffee, tea, or virtually any other beverage. It features a 16 ounce design and comes in a variety of colors. It keep s drinks, both hot and cold, at the proper temperature for hours on end.


4) Essence of Leadership Pen

This is a traditional gift for anyone who is about to retire. The pen comes in a silver metallic case that can be customized and the pen itself is black and red. It provides a smooth, consistent writing style and is of exceptionally high quality so it can last for years.


5) Thanks for All You Do Executive Tote Bag

This is practically the perfect retirement gift for the woman in the office who has gone above and beyond at every turn. It’s a large black tote that is beautifully designed with a leather appearance. Inscribed discreetly on the lower front are the words, “Thanks for All You Do.”


6) Thanks for All You Do Glitter Travel Tumbler

This makes an excellent retirement gift for anyone! It features a 16 ounce design with a white background and several pops of color with inspirational messages. Of course, it has a locking lid so it can travel along anywhere.


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