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The Most Innovative Human Resources Departments

It seems like these days, creating a unique company culture is getting more and more challenging. People’s lives are so busy that their attention is often divided between work and everything else. With that being said, these four companies listed below have found ways to create a company culture that is not only unique, but also effective. Keep reading to find out more information. This might give you some ideas about new and innovative ways to run your own company.

1) Netflix

This is a company that has always been fairly forward thinking. As such, it has developed an ability to hire outstanding individuals who are able to share the company culture and then work together in order to strengthen the company itself. As a matter of fact, the company makes it very clear throughout the hiring process for all of its employees that anything less than total commitment will simply not be tolerated in any capacity. The company is not interested in hiring those who are looking to use being hired as a stepping stone to something else. They only want individuals who plan on staying long-term and helping the company grow.

2) Google

One of the most unique things about Google is that they treat their employees differently than a lot of other companies. For example, they choose to allow employees to have more time off when they are starting a family or they have some type of family emergency. They also allow their employees to work from home a lot. They essentially go out of their way to make their staff members feel more at home, all with the understanding that in doing so, they are actually increasing their own productivity. The happier employees are, the more they are typically willing to go the extra mile.

3) FedEx

The thing that truly makes FedEx different is that it actively encourages feedback from employees at all levels of employment. More importantly, they actually take steps to implement those recommendations so they can improve the company for the people who work there. This in turn makes the entire company a better place to work, creating a better experience all the way around.

4) Ford

Ford has a unique company culture. It spends much more time on training than most companies and it also sticks to a culture that is very strict by most professional standards. It even goes so far as to utilize aptitude tests and similar methods so it can not only figure out who is best suited for working with the company, but also the positions they would likely do best in.

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