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Current Gifts and Rewards

Whenever you want to make your employees feel appreciated, these are some great ways to accomplish your goals. These seven cute gifts can go a long way toward making all of your employees feel more appreciated.

1) Thanks for All You Do Journal

This is a beautiful journal that has neat lines on all its 192 pages, so there is plenty of room to write down everything from notes to your deepest feelings. Bound in a gorgeous exterior that is meant to be proudly displayed, this is something that will make all of your employees happy, not to mention helping them feel recognized.


2) Thanks for All You Do Leatherette Tumbler

This is a very nice 16 ounce tumbler that proudly displays a message of thanks and lets your employees know that their efforts are much appreciated. Better yet, the tumbler is capable of keeping your drinks fresh, thanks to its insulation. As a result, you can enjoy hot or cold drinks for hours without having to worry about replacing your drink all the time.


3) Above & beyond Self Stick Note Cube

You know when you have that special staff member or team that works extra hard to ensure that everything is being handled exactly right. These are the people that are always willing to go the extra mile to make your business a success. This is the perfect gift for them because it reminds them that they are appreciated everyday when they reach for the note cube in order to jot something down.


4) Thanks for All You Do SOup Mug & Spoon

If you have an employee that especially loves stew or soup, then this is the perfect gift. The 12 ounce mug is microwave safe and comes with its own matching spoon. This is a gift that lets your employees enjoy one of their favorite meals while simultaneously letting them know that you recognize and appreciate them.


5) Thanks for All You Do Polar Bear Gift Set

Who doesn’t like something that tastes good and makes a pretty decoration at the same time? This is a great gift with a plush bear that is just perfect for brightening up a desk or cubicle and it comes with a 19 ounce glass jar filled to the brim with Hershey’s Kisses. It just doesn’t get any better than that.


6) Thanks for All You Do Penguin Gift Set

This gift set involves an adorable plush penguin along with a 12 ounce container filled with hot chocolate mix. The set even comes with a spoon. It’s a great way to say “thanks” for a job well done or to congratulate your employees for a year’s worth of hard work, and is perfect for the holidays.


7) You Rock

You guessed it, this is a great little design for a desk that looks like a cute little rock, yet can be squeezed just like a stress ball. It makes a perfect gift for just about anyone.

If you’d like to choose from an even wider selection, please visit the store to choose from the many different categories of gifts and rewards we carry.

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