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Books can Make Great Gifts for Your Employees, Management, or Co-Workers

At Successories, we strive to provide you and your company with a wide variety of different items that you can then use to inspire those around you at work. The truth is, there are many different situations where our inspirational books can be used. Below are four different books that can help everyone at your company maintain a positive outlook on things, thereby maximizing teamwork and workplace productiveness.


1) The Heart of a Leader Gift Book

This book, “the heart of a Leader: Insights on the Art of Influence” by Ken Blanchard, is a great way to welcome in new hires or welcome team members when they are promoted to management. The book is 189 pages long and can even be customized by adding the company name to the cover. If yo would like to customize the gift even further, you can order it with a completely unique, custom artwork cover. There is even room to incorporate a personalized custom page inside the book. This really does make the perfect gift for anyone who has a strong desire to manage well so they can create a cohesive unit for the company with which they work.


2) The Power of Positive Doing Gift Book

This is a great option for anyone who has ever had to face and overcome life’s challenges. The book inspires staff members to take positive steps toward accomplishing their goals, even when the cards are stacked against them and they feel like the challenge is almost insurmountable. This book is superbly written by BJ Gallagher. At 140 pages, it’s just the right size for a quick dose of encouragement. As is the case with most of our products, it can be fully customized in order to accommodate your wishes.


3) Essence of Leadership Gift Book

The Essence of Leadership by Mac Anderson, the founder of Successories, is easily one of the best ways to inspire the people who are key to your company’s overall success. This makes it a great gift for meetings,seminars and classes. The book is 125 pages long and can be customized in a variety of different ways to fit your needs.


4) Getting the Best from Yourself and Others

Written by Julie Davis-Colan and Lee J. Colan, this is a book that help you put your own attitude toward life (and work) into perspective so you can always be your best. Essentially, the book help you create better methods of communication so that you and those around you can start working together in the most productive manner possible. It really is a must for those challenging situations.


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