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Retirement Gifts: Honor Your Best In The Best Way Possible

All great careers must inevitably come to an end. When the day comes, it’s only natural that you want to do something to honor the memory of a long and storied career and acknowledge long years of service to your company. The right gift can help do just that. Below are a few excellent ideas that will help you show your appreciation for a job very well done.

Rosewood Interactive Gear Clock

No gift is more appropriate to mark the passage of time and a long career than a classic timepiece. This one is offered in both Rosewood and classic black, but its elegant look is not what makes this gift so interesting. The gears on full display are a wonder to watch, and create a riveting focal point.

The clock face itself appears to float, suspended in midair, which makes it all the more arresting. Truly an unforgettable gift.

Gears Magnetic Sculpture

The great thing about this gift is that it serves two purposes at once. Not only is it a tremendous visual reminder of how much you value your retiree’s contributions, but it’s also an ever-changing work of art, whose pieces can be manipulated to create all manner of stunning, gravity-defying sculptures.

Great Quotes From Great Leaders Gift Book

Few things demonstrate your appreciation for one of your company’s leaders than comparing them to the great leaders who have shaped our world, and this book sends exactly that message.

Filled with more than four hundred quotes from leaders around the world and from all walks of life who have inspired, persuaded and motivated millions, it’s a one of a kind gift that won’t soon be forgotten. After all, how often does one get a gift that puts them in the same company as Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln and Mother Teresa?

Globe Magnetic Puzzle

This beautiful, 3d puzzle is made of a total of 72 pieces, and is the perfect parting gift for a world traveling, or exceptionally storied executive. It comes with an inscription engraved on its base which reads “Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.” The opposite side of the base can be customized with any engraving you desire. An exceptional, memorable gift.

Thank You For All You Do Executive Messenger Bag

An elegant black leather bag with white accent stitching offers a classic, timeless parting gift to reward those years of faithful service.

It features adjustable shoulder straps, a padded interior pocket for safely carrying a laptop, and a pair of roomy side pockets for storing all the extras you could want. In addition to that, it comes with the message “Thanks for all you do” debossed on one side. An exquisite gift of exceptional quality.

If none of these are exactly what you’re looking for, our hope is that they’ll at least provide you with some food for thought that helps make finding the perfect retirement gift a breeze. Your most storied employees certainly deserve it!

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