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New Gifts And Rewards For December

Every month we like to highlight a new selection of gifts and rewards, and the month of December has a lot to offer. Check out the small sampling below. Whatever your needs are, and whatever your budget, there’s something here your employees are sure to love.

Tribus Crystal Award

Offered in three different colors, this sleek, modern contemporary award is visually arresting and an excellent award to celebrate an employee’s excellence, whatever the occasion.

It bears a default message which reads “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will,” though this message can be customized if some other message would suit your needs better.

It’s a stunning, timeless design that the employee you award it too won’t soon forget!

Thanks For Being Awesome Cookie Jar

Everybody likes kudos for being awesome, and who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? This gift offers the best of both worlds. Words of affirmation presented in a fun package, and a delicious treat to boot! Each ten-ounce jar comes decorated with a hand tied bow and a bright, decorative label designed to show your appreciation.

Happy Anniversary Chocolate Pillow Box

Looking for a fun, tasty way to remind someone how much they’re appreciated on their anniversary? Look no further than these two-ounce pillow boxes. Filled with sugary sweetness, they make exceptional treats that most anyone will appreciate.

Note that if chocolate isn’t your thing, you can get these boxes filled with jelly beans too!

Ship Set Sail Inspirational Art

Every office or cubical cries out for decoration and personalization, and one of the best ways of doing that is by displaying inspirational art.

This is a stunning piece, available in classic gallery canvas, wood, acrylic, or metal, and offered in two different sizes. Choose from either 32” x 48” if you’re looking for a large, imposing work, or a smaller 24” x 36” piece if wall space is at a premium.

Either way, you won’t be disappointed. The design is simple, elegant, and masterfully done, and will fit seamlessly into most any office décor, and the inspirational message will subtly impact all who stop to view the painting.

It’s one of the pricier options on this month’s list, but it’s exceptional, and not to be missed!

Jelly Bean Candy Tube Variety Pack

Ahhh, jelly beans! The sugary treat that no one can resist. While there may be a few better ways to show your appreciation, there probably aren’t many, and these rainbow tubes of tasty goodness are big enough to be shared, with just over two pounds of candy, all told!

While the tubes themselves are clear plastic, they come wrapped and decorated with a variety of inspirational messages that can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Again, these gift and reward ideas are just a small cross section of what’s available this month on our website. If none of these suit your needs, just check out our website for more!

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