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Great Rewards To Offer Your Employees In 2018


If you own your own business or a manager overseeing your employees, you have to walk a fine line. You want to do something to show your appreciation for the hard work and dedication of your employees, but you can’t break the bank or bust your bottom line doing so.

Fortunately, you don’t have to! Here are a collection of fantastic, low-cost employee rewards to consider. One of these might be a perfect fit for you and your company.

  • Hand out “Get Out Of Jail Free” cards – You can get custom-printed cards made for a song. Each card entitles the employee who turns it in a free day (or half day) off, that doesn’t count against their accrued vacation time.
    The great thing about this kind of reward is that it usually doesn’t wind up costing you anything, because the boost to morale and productivity more than offsets the cost.
  • Do something fun together, as a company – This could be anything from a company picnic, to an evening out at a sports bar, or a trip to an ice skating rink or a park. The best thing about this idea is that it offers a team building opportunity that will boost morale over and above what the event would do by itself. The secret to success here though, is to make it genuinely fun.
  • Offer Desk-Side Services – The easiest and least expensive option here is to hire a mobile massage therapist. These professionals will often provide their services for a discounted rate to get the volume offered by your whole office, and can come right to you, providing an amazing, unexpected treat for your hard-working team. Just don’t forget to avail yourself of the service too!
  • Implement a Flex Schedule policy – This may not work for every company or for every position, but when and where it’s possible, consider letting your employees set their own schedules. The important thing is that the work gets done and the hours are being put in, so as long as that’s happening, everything’s fine, right? It won’t cost you a penny, it will thrill your employees, and their productivity will soar.
  • Have a REAL office party – Nobody likes the same old, generic, boring break room office party, so doing that will almost certainly backfire. Instead, delegate the job of planning a really fun party to a trusted employee, provide a sensible budget and watch it unfold.
    Good parties are always appreciated. Keep it light, keep it interesting, and most importantly, keep it fun.
  • Gift giving – You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give a fantastic, thoughtful gift that will be genuinely appreciated. If you’re going to do this though, don’t make it work related. Don’t give gifts that are covered with your company’s brand images. Make it real. Make it personal. Put some thought into it. Again, if you do those things, the gift doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to come from the heart.

The bottom line is that your employees are your most valuable resource. Treat them as such. These gift ideas will help you do just that.

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