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7 Gifts and Rewards for Your Employees in the New Year

Start the New Year off right. Show all of your superstar staff members how much you appreciate their contribution. Nothing inspires and energizes a team like the warmth and assurance that comes with an employee reward.

Funny gifts are a great way to break the ice for a new team member. Long-term employees appreciate the elegance of a traditional clock. Everyone can use a practical gift that gets used on a daily basis. All of them remind your team how much you value them.

National Fun at Work Day is almost here—January 28. It is the perfect time to give one, or all, of these 7 useful, funny, inspiring gifts.

Awesome Highlighters. These handy highlighters are conveniently packaged. The colors are bright, perfect for reports and highlighting information. Each time your employee reaches for a color, she’ll be reminded how much you appreciate her work. Thanks for Being Awesome Handy Highlighter Set.

Squeeze Away Stress. Squishy and very real looking, this stress-relieving rock is a true conversation starter. And it works. According to experts, stress balls, to say nothing of rocks, are an effective way to relieve tension and stress. They increase blood circulation and help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. You Rock Squeezable Stress Reliever. 

Practical Appreciation. Everyone eats. Your employee will do it in style with this practical 12-ounce mug, with spoon attached. Most likely, one of his personal resolutions this New Year is to save money. You’re making it easier for your employee to bring food from home instead of going out for lunch. You Make the Difference Red Soup Mug & Spoon.


An Elegant Clock to Watch. This beautiful desk clock will turn everyone passing by into a clock watcher. The interactive gears are easy to see. The clock face floats elegantly in the frame, made from rosewood. Recognize the valuable contribution of your worker by personalizing it with an engraved plate at the bottom. Rosewood Interactive Gear Clock Personalized Desk Clock.


Inspire with an Updated Rubik’s Cube. Give your staff member a Rubik’s Cube enhanced with motivational sayings and images from nature. It’s a great way to tell your worker how smart she is. When her brain gets tired, she can twist and turn it to get a whole new slant on the current business challenge. Motivational Rubik’s Cube.

Appreciation in the Bag. A bag filled with gear is a helpful gift, guaranteed to get used. In addition to the insulated cooler, it contains a notebook, flashlight and cup, all with the motivational message you choose. Thanks for All You Do Perfect 5 Gift Set.

Mental Block at Work. When your staff member gets puzzled by the latest customer service request, he can relieve tension and free up his mind working on a true Mental Block. Help him get a new focus by manipulating the 11 different graphics, all geared toward teamwork, to solve the puzzle. Teamwork Mental Block.

Don’t wait until the holiday season rolls around again in 12 months. From January’s Fun at Work Day to Labor Day in September and beyond, you’ve got a variety of days to show you value and recognize their contribution. Start today rewarding your staff with affordable, funny, useful gifts from Successories.




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